The modular battery that could revolutionise home storage

Origin backs innovative DIY home battery solution

Australians have embraced rooftop solar, with one of the highest penetration rates in the world. But despite being the perfect partner to solar, the take up of battery storage in the home has been much lower – but that is expected to change.

High upfront costs, the size of many wall or floor-mounted units and the inability to take it with you when you move are some of the hurdles to many adopting battery technology in their homes. Despite 49 per cent of Australians saying they expected they would have storage sometime in the future, only four per cent currently do[1]. During 2019, there were 287,500 rooftop solar systems installed around Australia, but only 22,600 small scale batteries installed[2].  

What if you could install a battery without fuss at your house and you can even take it with you when you move?

Origin working with Orison to help bring storage to the masses

We are excited to support Orison, a US-based energy storage startup that is developing a modular system that can be easily installed by apartment dwellers, renters and homes with or without solar, giving more people the opportunity to participate in the storage revolution and control when and where they use energy in their home.

Orison was part of Free Electrons, a global energy startup accelerator program that Origin co-founded in 2017 to discover, develop and trial the best technologies to make energy easier and smarter for customers.

As part of this partnership, Origin is looking to offer Orison batteries exclusively in the Australian market sometime in the near future.

How does it work?

The Orison system is modular so you can keep adding units to meet your energy needs, and for the first time, if you move home you can take the system with you.

Orison could also help early adopters of solar who have smaller systems (2-4kW) add storage without a costly retrofit and continue to get value out them after feed in tariffs have stopped or are rolled-off.

A battery could be used for back-up in the event of a power failure or even better, to help save money on energy costs and reduce emissions, if you charge it when energy is cheaper during the day or being generated on your roof for free and discharge it at night when prices are higher. This is called load-shifting.

Want to learn more?

As energy continues to transition to more distributed, decentralised generation, storage will be one of the ways people will be able to manage their energy costs and reduce their emissions. Orison has real potential to make storage mainstream and accessible to everyone, on any budget or household type.

Watch this space for more updates and be the first to learn when the product becomes available in Australia by contacting us at

[1] Origin Energy, Good Energy Report, 2019

[2] Clean Energy Council, Clean Energy Australia Report 2020, April 2020.

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