Origin 360 EV wins NSW Government funding boost

Fleet customers now have even more reason to investigate the option to convert to electric vehicles, with the NSW Government providing a funding incentive to help them get started. It’s just another way that Origin 360 EV are working in partnership with the state government to speed the adoption of EVs on our roads. 

Origin 360 EV is pleased to be a first-round recipient of a new NSW Government fleet incentive designed to help organisations electrify their fleets for less, and fast track the transport sector to net zero emissions by 2050. 

The incentive will allow Origin 360 EV to assist customers in transitioning their fleet vehicles to electric by offering 130 subsidised EVs. 

Despite the very clear operating cost advantage that electric vehicles present – the cost of petrol at around $2.20 per litre compares to an equivalent 50 cents a litre by electrical charge – one of the clear barriers to entry for fleet operators lies in the upfront purchase cost of EVs. Most of the EV models currently available in Australia sell for north of $60,000.  

“We’re very pleased to have been awarded this NSW Government incentive which will enable us to help more organisations meet their EV fleet goals, and sooner,” says Chau Le, Origin’s Head of E-mobility. “With this funding boost, we will be able to subsidise the cost of EVs for our business customers and continue to reduce and remove the barriers they face with fleet conversion.”  

The NSW Government is investing $105 million in the fleet incentive to help private business, local councils, and not-for-profits bridge the cost to electrify their fleets, an initiative it forecasts will see an additional 979 battery electric vehicles on the roads. And because fleet vehicles are a large source of supply for the second-hand car market, this boost is expected to have a positive trickle down to the used car market, making more EVs affordable for more consumers.  

 A division of Origin Energy, Origin 360 EV was established to make switching to electric vehicles easier for Australian consumers and businesses, helping to lower both their carbon footprint and operating costs. Last year it launched an EV fleet management service, the first of its kind in Australia, to assist organisations through the fleet electrification journey. 

In April, the team kicked off the first of a series of unique EV Drive Days for fleets at Sydney Olympic Park, supported by NSW Government. These events are designed to provide organisations with the opportunity to test drive a range of EVs and speak to industry experts about their business needs and considerations when looking to electrify. 

At the first of these Drive Days, a selection of 18 vehicles from seven manufacturers (including an electric truck) were available to test drive and information sessions on EV charging, fleet vehicle trial and EV car share were held. Described as a “masterclass in EVs” by one participant, the Drive Days showcase a range of vehicles available and provide a first touch opportunity for fleet managers and those tasked with reducing business emissions. 

Ms Le adds, “We’ve designed these events as a one-stop-shop for fleet and sustainability managers to consider the financial and environmental benefits they might achieve with conversion.” 

Find out more about the upcoming Origin 360 EV Drive Days in September and November.

The NSW EV fleet incentive is proudly funded by the NSW Government. 

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