Business Solar Boost

Terms and conditions

Energy Plan period

This Energy Plan starts from the Supply Start Date and will continue for the period set out in the Details section of your energy agreement. 


Under this Energy plan you will receive the following feed-in tariff(s) as long as your Solar PV system is connected to the electricity grid and exporting electricity:

  • a total feed-in tariff c/kWh as set out in the Details section until you reach your export cap for each billing period;
  • for every kWh of electricity exported to the grid above your export cap during your billing period, our standard retailer feed-in tariff available at the time as published on our website.

Your export cap for each billing period is calculated by multiplying the number of days in your billing period by 14kWh.

Under this Energy Plan you receive the following benefit(s):

  • Guaranteed discount off the usage Charges for 12 months from the Supply Start Date.

The applicable discount(s) are set out in the Details section. The discount(s) do not apply to other Charges such as GreenPower, Green Gas or supply Charges.

If we make any changes to the usage Charges (in accordance with our Agreement Terms) your discount(s) will continue – but will just apply to the new usage Charges.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this Energy Plan:

  • your solar PV system must be net metered and must be larger than 10kW; and
  • you must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any Government scheme.

What happens if you remove your solar PV system?

During this Energy Plan period, if you remove your solar PV system from your Supply Address the Energy Plan will continue but you won’t receive the feed-in tariff.

When could this Energy Plan end early?

If our Agreement to supply you with energy ends, this Energy Plan will also end – including if you move to another address.

We may also end this Energy Plan:

  • if you stop being a small Business Customer;
  • if we withdraw this Energy Plan from sale, as set out in the Agreement Terms; or
  • if you no longer meet the eligibility requirements of this Energy Plan.

What happens when this Energy Plan ends?

If we are still your retailer after this Energy Plan ends, we'll still supply you with energy under our Agreement but you'll no longer receive the benefits. You’ll receive our standard retailer feed-in tariff available at the time your Energy Plan ends as published on our website.

If this Energy Plan contains an Account Credit (see the Your Energy Plan benefits section of your Agreement when it arrives) that has not been applied before this Energy Plan ends, then you won't receive the Account Credit.

Exit Fee

If you’d like to end your Energy Plan – just let us know. Keep in mind that if it’s after the cooling off period, you =may need to pay an exit fee. The amount of any fee payable will be set out in the Details section.

Important information about Business Solar Boost

For small business customers only. Not available all areas or for propeties being connected for the first time. Minimum period may apply. Check your energy agreement for details. Discounts apply to usage and supply charges only (off our published Origin Supply charges which can be found on our website). EasiPay not available to customers with less than 6 months billing history with Origin.



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