Origin Predictable Plan

Energy plan period

This energy plan is for 12 months from the supply start date unless it ends earlier.


This energy plan is not available in conjunction with collective billing arrangements, or EasiPay, or for customers who receive feed in tariffs for a solar photovoltaic system.


During this energy plan:

  • You’ll pay a fixed amount for your energy usage and supply charges and any GreenPower or Green Gas charges (Fixed charges); and
  • We won’t charge you a card payment fee, late payment fee, account establishment fee, payment processing fee, paper bill fee or any distributor charges. These fees are described further in the Agreement Terms.  

Billing and payment

During the energy plan, you must pay the fixed charges in either fortnightly or monthly payments and by the payment date, all as set out in your payment schedule. You will not receive a bill each time a payment is due or paid but you will receive a bill in accordance with the Agreement Terms (at least every three months or at least every 2 months for Small Gas Customers in Victoria), which will set out the payments you’ve already paid and those that remain due for the billing period.

Other obligations

To take up this energy plan you'll need to have:

  • agreed to pay the fixed charges via direct debit;
  • agreed to the My Account Terms of Use and to maintain an online service account (My Account) during the energy plan;
  • agreed to receive bills via email during the energy plan;
  • chosen email as your preferred contact method for communications from us about your energy supply under this agreement and any other agreement with us during the energy plan. By taking up this energy plan and supplying us with your email address you'll be taken to have made that choice; and
  • made sure the email address you provide us is current and valid and can receive electronic attachments from us.

During the energy plan, you will need to make sure your direct debit and email address with us remain valid.

When could this energy plan end early?

If our agreement to supply you with energy ends, this energy plan will also end – including if you move to another address.

You’ll need to cancel this energy plan if you want to take up or cancel your GreenPower or Green Gas or make changes to your payment dates or frequency. You may then choose another one of our energy plans at the time.

We may end this energy plan if:

  • you do not comply with our Fair Use Policy (described below);
  • you stop being a residential customer;
  • you provided incorrect or false information to us about your energy usage prior to taking up this energy plan;
  • within 21 days of our written request, you do not provide us with your most recent bill/s issued for the relevant fuel at the supply address prior to you taking up this energy plan. Those bills must contain at least 85 days billed usage data in kWh/MJ for the supply address (or 55 days billed usage data in MJ for natural gas in Victoria).  If you were not the account holder named on those bills, you must obtain the consent of the person named in order to comply with our request;
  • your tariff type changes, which may happen if your meter type changes, you elect to change your tariff type or your distributor makes changes such as a change to the distribution tariff it applies to your supply address;
  • you have or you install a solar photovoltaic system at your supply address (and you receive feed in tariffs);
  • you cancel your direct debit arrangement for the fixed charges;
  • you do not make two monthly payments or four fortnightly payments by the payment date in your payment schedule. We’ll give you notice before we do this; or
  • we withdraw this energy plan from sale, as set out in the agreement terms

We also have other limited rights to end this energy plan as set out in the Agreement Terms.

What happens when this energy plan ends?

If we are still your retailer after this energy plan ends, we’ll still supply you with energy under our agreement. We may extend your current energy plan or set you up with a new energy plan – but only if we’ve written to you first and you haven’t told us not to. If you don’t hear from us, your supply will continue without energy plan benefits.

Fair Use Policy

This Energy Plan includes this Fair Use Policy, The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all customers taking up this energy plan do not use the energy we supply to them under this energy plan in a manner that we consider excessive or unreasonable.

We consider your use to be excessive where there is a substantial increase in your energy usage compared to your usage for the same time last year or compared to the estimated usage on which we based this energy plan (as set out in the Details section of your Agreement). For example, your use would be excessive if there is an increase of more than 100% in your energy usage for the same time last year, as stated in your energy bill usage summary.

We consider it unreasonable where you otherwise use the energy we supply fraudulently, or intentionally use it contrary to energy laws.

It is your responsibility to monitor your use in order to ensure that it complies with this Fair Use Policy.

This Fair Use Policy does not limit other rights we may have to end this energy plan or disconnect your energy supply under this Agreement or the regulatory requirements.

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