Origin Everyday Rewards

Terms and Conditions for your Origin Everyday Rewards energy plan

Energy Plan period

This Energy Plan is for 12 months from the Supply Start Date unless it ends earlier.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to take up this Energy Plan for electricity and/or natural gas you’ll need to have a registered Everyday Rewards membership at the time of sign-up. An Everyday Rewards account may be linked to more than one Energy Plan. 



Your usage and supply Charges will not change during the Energy Plan period. However, other charges such as payment fees may change during the Energy Plan period.


GreenPower – electricity customers 

For electricity customers, at no additional cost to you, Origin will source 25% GreenPower, meaning that for 25% of the electricity you consume, the equivalent amount of renewable energy gets added to the grid. 

Green Gas

For natural gas customers, at no additional cost to you, Origin will offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions from  your natural gas usage, via Climate Active, a government-backed carbon neutral certification scheme.

If you cancel or make changes to your Everyday Rewards membership at any time, this will not impact the GreenPower  and Green Gas contribution or cause your usage and supply Charges to increase during the Energy Plan period.


Everyday Rewards Points

The calculation of ongoing Everyday Rewards oints is reliant on Origin having accurate and up to date billing data. Where this is not available Origin will calculate Everyday Rewards oints using estimate data.

The issue of all Everyday Rewards points is subject to you having a valid and current Everyday Rewards membership linked to your Energy Plan on the date of issue of the points.

One-off Everyday Rewards points 

Provided that you haven’t received any other one-off Everyday Rewards point in connection with this Energy Plan in the preceding 10-month period for the fuel supplied under this Energy Plan, you will be eligible to receive one-off Everyday Rewards oints, as set out in the Details section, if you:

(1)  maintain the Energy Plan for a minimum of 30 days; and

(2)  provide your Everyday Rewards membership number to Origin when you sign-up to the Energy Plan.


The Everyday Rewards points for electricity and/or natural gas will be deposited into your Everyday Rewards account within approximately 45 days after your Acceptance Date.


Ongoing Everyday Rewards points 

You will collect one Everyday Rewards point for every dollar (incl. GST) charged on your bill for your usage and supply during the Energy Plan period. The Everyday Rewards points will be deposited in your Everyday Rewards account approximately 14 days after your bill is issued.

Rebates, concessions, and solar credits, any other charges and adjustments are excluded from the Everyday Rewards oints calculation. You will only be eligible to collect Everyday Rewards points for the period you are on the Energy Plan.

If you switch to a different energy plan during the period then the billing period will be pro-rated, and Everyday Rewards points will only be issued for the pro-rated period that you were on the Energy Plan.


Personal information   

By providing your Everyday Rewards membership number, you are consenting to Origin holding this number and share and your personal information with Woolworths Group Limited for purpose of Everyday Rewards points.

If you’d like to know more about how Origin will collect and use your personal information, credit reporting and credit reporting bodies Origin uses, go to originenergy.com.au/privacy or ask us for a copy of this information.


What happens when this Energy Plan ends?

The Agreement Terms explain what happens when this Energy Plan ends.  Don’t worry, even if your Energy Plan ends your energy supply will continue and Origin will tell you about your options. 

Everyday Rewards points issued pursuant to the Energy Plan and your membership of Everyday Rewards are governed by the Everyday Rewards terms and conditions


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