Origin Ongoing Saver

Terms and Conditions of your Origin Ongoing Saver energy plan

Energy Plan Period

This Energy Plan starts from the Supply Start Date and will continue until we or you end it.


During this Energy Plan, the total usage and supply Charges may change from time to time (in accordance with our Agreement Terms) but will be lower than Charges that are applicable for Origin Basic.

How can this Energy Plan end?

If our Agreement to supply you with energy ends, this Energy Plan will also end – including if you move to another address.

You can end this Energy Plan at any time. We can end this Energy Plan:

  • after the first 12 months by providing you with 20 Business Days’ notice;
  • if you stop being a Residential Customer; and
  • if we withdraw this Energy Plan from sale – refer to the Agreement Terms for details.

What happens when this Energy Plan ends?

The Agreement Terms explain what happens when this Energy Plan ends.  Don’t worry, even if your Energy Plan ends your energy supply will continue and we’ll stay in touch to tell you about your options.