Sensibo Sky Trial Agreement

1. Eligibility

1.1. To be eligible to enter into this agreement and participate in the Events:

a) we must be and remain your electricity retailer at your supply address;

b) the electricity account for your supply address must be in your name and you must be the owner or a lawful tenant at the supply address;

c) your supply address must be in Victoria or Queensland;

d) you must have an internet connection with WiFi connectivity at your supply address;

e) you must have a smart phone and download and retain the Sensibo Inc application on that smart phone, and be willing to agree to associated terms and conditions in order to do so;

f)  you have an eligible split system air conditioner with a remote control (you can confirm eligibility by checking compatibility on the Sensibo site); and

g) you or other occupants at the supply address do not have any medical conditions which could be impacted by your participation in the Events.

1.2. We reserve the right to refuse your application to participate in the Events.

2. Term

2.1. This agreement starts on the date we confirm acceptance of your order form.  It continues until:

a) you or we end it by giving the other party four week’s notice;

b) we end it because you no longer meet the eligibility criteria in clause 2.

3. Sale of Sensibo Sky

3.1. The Sensibo Sky is an external device that, when paired with your air conditioner, allows you to control your air conditioner through an application on your phone.  

3.2. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria above and are one of the first 100 to fill in the order form, we agree to sell you one Sensibo Sky device.

3.3. You agree to buy, and pay the purchase price specified in the order form for, the Sensibo Sky. We will include the purchase price on your electricity invoice for the supply address, generated at least  three business days after signing up. If an invoice is generated within three business days from the date you sign up, the purchase price will appear on the invoice that follows.

3.4. We will organise delivery of the Sensibo Sky device to the supply address.

3.5. We will only sell you one Sensibo Sky for a supply address.

4. Set up process

4.1. The Sensibo Sky includes instructions explaining how to pair the device with your air conditioner.

4.2. You must also download the Sensibo (a third party) application onto your smart phone, which will require you to agree to the Sensibo end user licence.

4.3. Use of Sensibo Sky requires internet connection with WiFi connectivity at your supply address.

5. Our rights during an event and your incentives

5.1. From time to time we will identify certain hot days to hold an “Event”, being a period of 2 hours where we will remotely control your air conditioner.

5.2. If you agree to participate in an Event, we may remotely control your nominated air conditioner through the Sensibo Sky device. We may increase the temperature setting as proposed in our SMS inviting you to participate in the Event and adjust the temperature throughout the Event.

5.3. At the end of the Event we will return your nominated air conditioner to the temperature it was at the start of the Event.

5.4. If you participate fully in an Event as set out in clause 6, we will apply a $10 credit on your electricity account for the supply address (credit). The credit will appear on the  electricity invoice generated at least three business days after the Event. If an invoice is generated within three business days after the Event, the credit will appear on the one that follows.

6. Participation in an Event

6.1. We may (in our discretion) notify you of an Event, including the time the Event will start and end, by SMS, at least 24 hours in advance.

6.2. You may choose to participate in the Event by reply SMS before 5pm the day before the Event.  Participation in the Event is voluntary.

6.3. We will apply the credit to your account if you:

a) have set up your Sensibo Sky device in accordance with clause 4 and your nominated air conditioner remains paired to Sensibo Sky for the duration of the Event.  Your nominated air conditioner is the air conditioner which is paired to the Sensibo Sky device;

b) have your nominated air conditioner turned on at the start and for the duration of the Event;

c) allow us to change the temperature of your nominated air conditioner as described in clause 5 and don’t adjust the temperature yourself or turn the air conditioner off until the Event ends; and

d) your Sensibo Sky is on and connected to a WiFi internet connection for the duration of the Event.

6.4. We may cancel an Event at any time prior to the start of the Event.  If we do so we will notify you by SMS.

6.5. We are under no obligation to hold Events.

7. Warranties

7.1. We don’t make any guarantees or representations about the accuracy of the data provided through the Sensibo Sky.

7.2. We warrant that for a period of 12 months following the date we accept your order form that the Sensibo Sky hardware will be free from material defects in material or workmanship.

7.3. To the extent permitted by law, our liability to you in connection with this agreement (including as a result of any warranty or guarantee provided under this agreement or implied by law) is limited to:

a) the replacement of the Sensibo Sky; or

b) repair of the Sensibo Sky by Sensibo Inc.  If Sensibo determine that the device is not defective and charge us for the costs associated with testing or shipping the device, you must reimburse us for any amounts we pay to it.

7.4. To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability to you for (a) loss of profits or revenue or anticipated savings; (b) loss or denial of opportunity, (c) any losses caused by you (eg through your negligence); (d) losses resulting from your failure to take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise your loss; (e) special, incidental or punitive damages; or (f) any loss or damage arising from special circumstances that are outside the ordinary course of things, however that loss or damage arises or regardless of the basis on which a claim is made (even if breach of contract, law or negligence).

8.  Title

8.1. Title to Sensibo Sky will pass to you on delivery to your supply address or postal address you provide in the order form.

9. Privacy

9.1.  We collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information in order to provide you with services.  We may disclose this information to our Related Companies, our agents and contractors (such as mail houses, data processors and debt collectors), your distributor, relevant government authorities, other energy retailers and, in certain circumstances, a credit reporting agency. If you don’t provide this information to us, we may not be able to provide our products or services to you.  Where possible, we’ll collect this information from you, but we also get it from third parties including Sensibo as outlined below.  Our detailed privacy statements are available on our Privacy page. Please contact us to request a paper copy.

9.2. Sensibo will provide us with information, or access to systems which hold information about you, including:

a) your name, email address, API key, information about your Sensibo Sky and the information your Sensibo Sky produces; and

b) the information provided by the Sensibo Sky device, namely status (eg on/off and settings), and room temperature and humidity.

9.3. From time to time we'll let you know about our products and offers, even after this agreement ends.  If at any time you decide you don’t want to receive these offers, please let us know.  You can do so by calling us on 13 24 62 or write to Origin Opt Out, Reply Paid 1199, GPO Box 1199, Adelaide, SA, 5001. We’ll keep providing you with these offers until you tell us otherwise.

10.  General

10.1. ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ mean Origin Energy Electricity Limited ABN 33 071 052 287. “You” means the customer stated in the order form.  credit has the meaning given in clause 5.4.  Event has the meaning in clause 5.2.  order form is the ordering form on our website as filled in by you.  supply address means the address listed on the order form.

10.2. This agreement is made up of the terms and conditions in this document and the order form.

10.3. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state in which the site is located.