Solar battery offer

Join the Origin Loop virtual power plant today

Eligible Victorians and Queenslanders, join our connected network of home solar and battery systems. You can do your bit to help reduce grid strain and fast-track Australia’s transition to renewables. Connect to Origin Loop for five years and you’ll get:

  • $3,500 upfront discount on your LG Chem solar battery with 10 years manufacturer's warranty, starting from $10,795
  • Guaranteed $240 back in credit over 12 months, for five years. You'll get credit of $20 (incl GST) toward electricity charges on your bill every month for 5 years. You'll always get more value back in credits than we extract from your battery.
  • 24 or 60 month interest-free payment options (equal monthly repayments). Everything fully installed, including a compatible inverter.
  • More self-sufficiency – you'll store the solar power you generate. 

For full details, read the Virtual Power Plant Terms September 2021 (PDF 195 KB)

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Victorians can save more with a $4,174 solar battery rebate

As part of the Solar Homes Program, eligible Victorians can save up to $4,174 on the upfront price of a solar battery. There are currently no rebates available in Queensland.

See Solar Victoria for eligibility

How the virtual power plant (VPP) works

By participating in the Origin Loop VPP, you join a cloud-based community of power generators. You'll allow us to source some of the power your solar system creates to take pressure off the grid and fast-track our transition towards renewable resources.

  • We’ll charge or discharge your Loop-connected battery so that it can be used to bring power to the community. This typically only happens in times of high demand.
  • We guarantee that in a 12 month period, we’ll never extract more than 200 kWh from your battery.
  • Afterward, we’ll SMS you to let you know we’ve sourced energy from your battery.
Data and energy combine to power a home connected to the virtual power plant.

How to get involved

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1. Request a quote

You’ll need to let us know how to contact you, and if possible, some information about your property and how you use your energy.

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2. We’ll call you

To discuss your options and arrange a site inspection. Once your site has been inspected, we’ll confirm installation details and finalise your quote.

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3. We’ll install your system

An expert will attend your home at a time that suits you to install your new system.

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4. You’ll join Loop and the VPP

Your battery will connect to our virtual power plant (VPP). We'll access it from time to time to help manage energy supply and demand.

To sign up, you’ll need to:

  • live within 50km of Melbourne Central Business District (CBD), Brisbane CBD or Gold Coast metro
  • buy a compatible battery system and inverter
  • have a reliable internet connection so we can connect your battery to our VPP, Origin Loop
  • remain an Origin electricity customer for at minimum, 5 years.
How to get involved

Ready to join Origin Loop?

Ready to join Loop and receive your battery? Call our team on 1300 791 468 any time between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Call our team on 1300 791 468

Solar hardware options

The LG Chem Resu is one of the most popular solar batteries on the Australian market. It's sleek and compact, can be placed indoors or outdoors, and call be either floor or wall mounted.

The baseline battery offered with the VPP package is the LG Chem Resu 6.5 kWh. It comes with a 10 year usage warranty and has been thoroughly tested to safety standards. However, we do have other sizes available depending on your needs.

Get in touch and we can personalise a quote for you.

See the tech specs for each battery option:

VPP base model

Other available sizes

Keep in mind, this battery does not automatically provide back-up power during a blackout. If you’re after this feature, a back-up box can be installed at an additional cost.

The Sungrow Hybrid inverter is a great option for the LG Chem RESU battery.

When you get in touch, we'll consider your unique energy needs and personalise the package to suit you best.

Get into the nitty gritty of each our inverters:

Frequently asked questions

Of course! Even if your solar system was installed by another provider, you may be eligible to take part in the Loop VPP. We'll assess your system to make sure it meets the requirements for proper operation and safety before we go any further. If it's compatible, we'll be able to discuss what electricity plans may be suitable for you.

This depends on the where your battery will be installed. Changes may be required, e.g. to accommodate fireproofing. These details, including a quote, will be provided to you after the installer visits your property.

As part of the Loop VPP program, you'll need to maintain the solar system and battery to make sure they're operating well during the term of the program (5 years). You can find heaps of tips and tricks on how to do this on our solar maintenance pages, as well as the ongoing repair and maintenance packages that we offer at Origin.

We'll hook your new battery up to the internet in your home so we can talk to it when we need to. We expect that the smarts behind the Loop VPP could use up to 4GB of data per month. For most customers though, we expect it to use much less.