Connect your Tesla Powerwall 2 to Origin Loop

With no lock-in contracts and a generous $400 sign-up bonus, now is a great time to join our growing network of connected home solar and battery systems in our virtual power plant (VPP).

Join today and receive a generous sign-up bonus!

When you connect your battery to the Loop virtual power plant (VPP), you’ll help us manage peak-demand periods by sharing solar energy with the grid when it’s most needed. The best part? You’ll not only be helping the planet by contributing cleaner energy, you’ll be rewarded with great benefits and a great sign-up bonus to help towards your battery repayments. 


$400 sign-up bonus

Receive a one-off sign-up bonus (incl. GST) for successfully connecting your battery to the Loop VPP.


Credits on your bill

When we discharge power from your battery and export to the grid, you’ll receive a Battery Discharge Credit at the rate of $2 per kWh (incl. GST) applied to your electricity bill.  


Full visibility

Know exactly when we discharge power from your battery, and how much, via the Home Energy Monitor feature in the Origin app. 


Plenty in reserve

During an event, we’ll never completely discharge your battery. We’ll make sure at least 20% charge remains for you to use.

Smiling woman walks past her Tesla Powerwall home solar battery while carrying groceries.

You can join Origin Loop if you:

  • Are a current Origin electricity customer or agree to sign up to an electricity plan with us and agree to our VPP BYO Terms and Conditions. 
  • Have a compatible Tesla Powerwall 2 battery and inverter installed at your home. 
  • Have an operational solar system of at least 5kW capacity, that is compatible with your Tesla Powerwall 2. 
  • Have continuous and reliable internet connection. 
  • Live in NSW, SA, VIC, QLD or the ACT

Unfortunately, if you or anyone in your home is reliant on life support equipment, you’ll be ineligible to join the Loop. 

View full eligibility criteria in our VPP BYO Terms and Conditions.

Leave your details with us and we’ll get the ball rolling. We’ll be in touch with you to confirm when your battery has been enrolled.

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect my solar battery to Loop if it’s not a Tesla Powerwall 2?

We’re not quite there yet – but if you leave your details with us we can contact you when an offer does become available.

What energy plan will I be on?

Whichever plan tickles your fancy! You’re in total control of what electricity plan you choose.

Is there a minimum term?

There is no minimum term. If you choose to leave Origin Loop (we hope not!) email and we’ll get in touch with what will happen next.

When will I receive my sign-up bonus?

You’ll see it on the first electricity bill you receive after you’ve agreed to our VPP BYO Terms and Conditions and your battery is fully connected with Origin Loop. This usually takes up to one month.  

What happens if there’s a blackout during a peak demand event?

If a blackout occurs, we won’t discharge any energy from your battery to send to the grid.

Will I receive solar feed in tariffs?

You certainly will! Your solar feed in tariffs will continue as outlined in your Origin energy contract.

Where do I find the serial number of my battery/inverter?

To find your Tesla Serial Number (TSN), you can check the Tesla App or your physical Tesla Powerwall battery. Here’s how:

The app

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate to Settings and select My Home Info
  2. A screen will display your Serial number and Version.
Screenshot of Tesla Powerwall App My Home Info screen where the serial number can be located.

On your Tesla Powerwall

  1. Open the door of your Gateway on your battery
  2. Inside wall, read the sticker to find ‘(TSN):’
Diagram of where to find the serial number on the gateway door.

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