Meet the Tesla Powerwall, your home battery solution

Generate savings while the sun’s not shining with game-changing tech.

Meet the Tesla Powerwall, your home battery solution

Generate savings while the sun’s not shining with game-changing tech.


Out and about during the day and worried the savings your solar panels are generating could go to waste?

The high capacity Tesla Powerwall battery captures and stores the electricity you’re not using so you can use it later.

All Powerwall installations come with a full system warranty, so you can save power in the knowledge that you’re covered.  

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By your side from installation to a lifetime of savings

The Tesla Powerwall costs from $14,995 (GST inclusive)* for a standard installation to an existing solar system. Package one with a solar system purchase and save $500!

We’ll look after you for the life of your system. As with all Origin solar purchases, we’ve got you covered with full system warranties. You can also call on our solar services to keep your system in tip top condition.

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What is the Tesla Powerwall 2?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable battery system and an energy storage device. It has double the storage capacity of the original Powerwall. It’s front-line solar battery technology that means you can make the most of your solar system.

So you get even more opportunity for electricity bill savings.

  • It’s perfect for residential use
  • It’s used to store usable energy
  • It works by storing energy from your solar system to provide energy on demand

You can use this stored energy:

  • As backup power
  • For night time energy usage
  • In case of a power outage

Got a solar system but out of the house a lot during the day?

This is often when your system is working the hardest.

When you’re not home to use it, your solar-generated electricity feeds back to the grid.

“Solar self-consumption” is where your home uses the solar energy as it’s produced. With a battery like the Tesla Powerwall 2, you get to store the power your solar system has generated – for use later.

You bump up your solar self-consumption, and reduce your reliance on the electricity grid.

Harness the power of the sun to use after dark. Add the Tesla Powerwall 2 to your existing system and your solar panels will feed any unused solar energy direct to the battery, where it will be stored.

It’s stylish!

Place your Tesla Powerwall 2 on the floor or mount it on the wall.  It can blend in beautifully with your home or business décor. It’s water resistant and dustproof. You hardly need to do anything! You can view and manage your energy remotely, on the auto-updating Tesla app.

Top 10 benefits of Powerwall 2
  1. Potential for great energy bill savings: reduced need of grid energy to meet daily electricity needs
  2. Can be fit to your existing solar system
  3. A 10-year warranty and no ongoing maintenance
  4. Easy-to-use app to manage and monitor your energy
  5. Automatic, virtual system updates
  6. Immediate outage detection – the Powerwall 2 will switch your energy source to stored power (you may not even notice, as your appliances will continue uninterrupted)
  7. Child and pet friendly – no wires, no hot vents
  8. Quiet operation
  9. Weatherproof – can be mounted on the wall or floor inside or outside
  10. Compact design – maximising energy density
How to pair the Tesla Powerwall 2 with your solar system

The Tesla Powerwall 2 looks great, and it’s simple and easy to use.

These are 5 features that appeal to those that have taken the Powerwall 2 into their lives:

  1. It’s small, compact and sleek – it must be placed outside a shed or garage only.
  2. You can manage and monitor it via the Tesla app
  3. Ten-year warranty and no ongoing maintenance costs
  4. Tesla Powerwall batteries are installed to the electrical (AC) network of your home, meaning they can integrate with your new or existing solar system.
  5. Your system will generate solar power that your house can use – and whatever remains will charge up your Tesla Powerwall. It’s a powerful duo of energy sources with enormous potential to reduce your electricity bill.

You can integrate the Powerwall 2 with most solar systems. Your certified installer will be able to let you know if there are any potential limitations.

Manage and monitor via the Tesla app

Monitor your energy storage, production and usage easily with the Tesla app.

It interacts with the Powerwall’s inbuilt sensors to monitor, manage and display your energy storage and usage.

The Powerwall has several electrical current sensors that monitor, manage and display your energy storage and usage. As the app gets to know your energy rates and your energy usage, it will learn when to charge and discharge your Powerwall.

Using your Tesla app, you can customise your settings so that your Powerwall uses energy stored at times when your electricity is most expensive, thereby reducing your electricity bills.


Powerwall 2 starts from $14,995 (GST inclusive) for a standard retrofit installation*. If you’re buying a solar system from us, you can include the Powerwall and we’ll give you $500 off^. Talk to our solar experts today.

Feed-in tariffs still apply when you have a battery

Our solar customers get a feed-in tariff for any excess solar power their system generates. If their system produces more than they need at that time, whatever remains is fed back into the electricity grid.

This earns our customers a tariff – and the tariff is credited to their electricity bill.

With a battery system – such as the Tesla Powerwall – you’re able to store any extra energy your system generates. But in some situations – if on a particular day your usage was low or non-existent, and your Tesla Powerwall has charged to full capacity, then you may still have excess power to send back to the grid, and you’ll receive a feed-in tariff.

Origin solar plan compatible

For our residential customers, we currently offer two solar plans offering great feed-in tariff rates:


Available locations – for all our solar systems and batteries

We install solar systems and batteries within 50 km of the Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, ACT, Brisbane, Wollongong and Gold Coast CBDs. If you live outside this area, we plan to expand our coverage over time.

Inside or outside installation

Our fully certified installers will come to your house and help choose the perfect location for your Tesla Powerwall unit. Installation takes less than a day. Please note, you may be without power for up to 4 hours during the process.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 tech specs
CompatibilitySingle-phase and three-phase utility grid compatible 
Dimensions1150 mm x 755 mm x 155 mm
EnclosureRated for indoor and outdoor installations
Energy14 kWh (for daily-cycle applications) Usable Energy 13.5kWh3
InstallationRequires installation by a trained electrician with wall or floor mounted options
Operating Temperature-20 to 50 0 C
Power5 kW (charge and discharge) / 7kW (discharge only peak)
TechnologyCompact and touch safe rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid cooling controls, to maximise battery life and safety
Warranty10 years
Weight125 kg
 2 Values provided for 25 0 C. 3.3kW charge / discharge power. 3 AC to battery to AC at beginning of life.

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^ Standard installation criteria applies, as outlined above. You’ll receive $500 off when purchasing a new Advantage or Premium range solar system and a battery in a single transaction. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.