Solar battery storage solutions

Store energy when the sun is shining. Use it when it's not.

Adding a battery to your solar mix can be an absolute game-changer that helps to maximise the value of your solar system investment.

You can store excess solar energy generated during the day, and use it at night.

If your solar system generates more than the battery can store, it will be exported to the grid and you could get a credit on your electricity bill for the amount exported.

We have two solar battery options available: the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chem Resu.

Everyone's talking about Tesla

The 13.5kWh-capacity Tesla Powerwall 2 can be added to an existing solar system or be included with your new solar system installation. 

It's available for light commercial or residential use and you can use its app to track your storage and monitor your energy use.

Tesla Powerwall 2 costs

  • Standard retrofit installation: from $12,749
  • Part of an Origin Solar PV system purchase: $16,844

Discover the Tesla Powerwall 2

Flexibility in storage

The LG Chem Resu battery can be added to your existing solar system or come as part of a total solar energy solution — which includes solar panels, inverter, and back up capability.

You also get our 5-year warranty on installation workmanship, and it comes in either 6kWh or 10kWh capacity.

LG Chem RESU costs

  • Standard retrofit installation: from $10,795 
  • Part of an Origin Solar PV system purchase: from $12,995

Learn more about the LG Chem RESU

A solar battery from under $5000?

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