Your tariff is changing from 1 July 2019 – here’s why, and what you need to know

If you’re an Origin electricity customer living in the Goondiwindi region, then your tariffs will change on 1 July 2019.

To learn more, please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

This FAQ has been prepared for our Goondiwindi electricity customers only.

If you’re an electricity customer living in the Goondiwindi region, your electricity is supplied from the Essential Energy network, which is part of the New South Wales (NSW) electricity distribution network. You are currently billed based on Origin’s NSW standing offer time-of-use prices but receive a Queensland Government subsidy so that you don’t pay more for electricity than any other Queensland customer. The subsidy is shown on your bill as a Queensland Government Rebate. 

From 1 July 2019, you’ll be billed based on Queensland’s notified prices, and Queensland pricing will be displayed on your bill. The Queensland Government subsidy is included in these prices, so you’ll no longer see this Queensland Government Rebate on your bill.  

We’re required to make this change to better align with the Queensland Government’s legislative requirements for the billing of Queensland regional customers. 

Notified prices are the retail electricity prices set each year by the Queensland Competition Authority for regional Queensland.

Moving onto Queensland notified prices means you’ll begin to see Qld prices and Qld tariff names on your bill.   

Some customers may see a change to the structure of the tariffs. The change to the tariffs structures is to align with the Queensland Government prices.  We have provided written notice to those customers who will see a change.

NSW rates will apply until 30 June 2019 and after this date, Queensland rates will apply to your bill. As a result, you may continue to see some of your charges based on a combination of NSW rates, Queensland rates, and the Queensland Government Rebate on your first bill after 1 July 2019.

You’ll continue to receive any other applicable rebates, concessions and/or feed-in tariffs and these will continue to appear on your bill.  

Regional Queensland electricity prices are set by the Queensland Competition Authority.  A copy of the prices can be found at

'Controlled load' is electricity supplied to specific appliances, such as electric hot water systems, which are often separately metered. A controlled load tariff is generally a lower rate as these appliances are only able to be switched on during off-peak hours (usually overnight). In Queensland it may be called 'Tariff 31' or 'Tariff 33'.

If applicable, you will no longer see NSW Controlled Load Off-peak 1 or Controlled Load Off-Peak 2 on your bill.  The Queensland controlled load off-peak tariffs are named Tariff 31 and Tariff 33.  While the name will change, the timings will remain the same.

Time-of-use (TOU) tariffs reflect the cost of producing electricity at different times of day based on demand. TOU tariffs are structured to charge cheaper rates at certain times of the night/day when demand is at its lowest, and higher rates at popular times.


Flat rate tariffs are single rate tariffs. There are no peak/off-peak periods, meaning you pay the same rate no matter the time of day you use energy.

The decision to apply the Queensland notified prices means that instead of receiving a rebate to ensure you pay the same amount for your electricity as other similar Queensland customers, you will now be billed based on Queensland notified prices.

The Queensland Competition Authority, who set prices for regional Queensland electricity customers, recently announced a fall in electricity prices from 1 July 2019.

Yes, our GreenPower electricity charges for 10%, 20%, 25%, 50% and 100% will come down from 1 July 2019.

GreenPower costs are reducing due an increase in renewable energy becoming available as we approach the 2020 target for renewable energy.

Yes, you’ll continue to receive any other applicable rebates, concessions and/or feed-in tariffs and these will continue to appear on your bill.

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