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Here are some tips to help keep your solar system working perfectly.

Solar panel maintenance

These top tips will help keep your system clean and efficient. Check out the manufacturer's recommendations and user guides for more handy advice on solar panel cleaning, efficiency and maintenance.

  • Keep the solar panels and surrounding frames free from debris like leaves and bark. They can easily be cleaned away with a soft brush.
  • Trees can cause excess shading of your panels, so keep them trimmed to increase efficiency.
  • Keep an eye on the inverter's display panel for any drastic changes in the output of your solar system.
  • Ensure the cooling vents of your inverter are always clear of debris.

Remember that over time solar systems may have reliability problems. Have an experienced and trusted electrician look into this for you, so your solar system can run as efficiently as possible.

If your system isn't generating enough power, don't climb up on the panels yourself. Contact us to find out what we can do to get things working again. We may be able to offer you a full diagnostic and check up of your system.

Solar panel upgrades

As your lifestyle changes, your energy habits and consumption may change too. If you're thinking about adding more solar panels, installing a second solar system or adding a storage battery to an existing system, our solar experts can assess your existing installation and chat to you about upgrade options.

What to consider before upgrading your solar system?


Extra space on your roof

If your roof has unshaded space facing east, north or west, you can consider upgrading your current solar system.


Storing solar energy

Your system might generate more power than you'll use during the day. If you'd like to store this energy for later, you can add a battery storage unit - during installation or as a retro-fit.


Your current energy habits

If you're finding you're using more energy maybe because of a change in your lifestyle, upgrading your existing solar system may be a good way to help you keep up with the increased energy usage and costs.


Any feed-in tariff (FIT) you're on

Changes to your existing system could impact existing FITs, so it's important to consider this before upgrading your system. Knowing what your current FIT is can help you decide if upgrading your existing system is a better option to purchasing a new system to operate alongside your existing one.

Find out how we can repair your solar system and increase its efficiency

Solar repairs

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