Vehicles can be converted to run off autogas only, or they can operate in a 'dual fuel' capacity and switch between the original fuel source and autogas as desired.

Although autogas use in Australia is declining, it remains an attractive alternative because it costs less per litre than unleaded petrol.

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Vehicle conversions

Most petrol engines can be converted to run on LPG by a licensed installer.

More often than not, an LPG converted vehicle will be a more attractive to a buyer than the same vehicle without LPG. Buyers are well aware of the price difference between LPG and petrol and these potential savings may even improve the resale value of that vehicle.

You will need to weigh these benefits up against the initial conversion cost, which will vary depending on the type of vehicle and system you're converting.

It's also important to note that the Australian government rebate for registered vehicles that convert to LPG ended on 30 June 2014. If you choose to invest in an LPG-powered vehicle now, the cost will no longer be subsidised through this scheme.

If you do decide to invest in an LPG conversion, ensure you use an accredited supplier who will provide a warranty and install to the Australian standards.