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This offer is made by Origin Energy Retail Limited (ABN 22 078 868 425), PO Box 1199, Adelaide SA 5001, 13 35 74.

  1. What we charge you – Subject to these terms, we will charge you a price which is 5% less than the competitor's comparable price (Discounted Price) for all your orders for 12 months. If we supply LPG to you by cylinder exchange, the Discounted Price will be for the price of the cylinder. For tanker-fill LPG supply customers, the Discounted Price will be for the price per litre of LPG. The Discounted Price does not apply to any fees or other charges for your LPG supply such as your facility fee. After 12 months, your LPG prices will revert to the standard LPG prices for your area and will be subject to our usual terms and conditions for price variation set out in our Customer Service Charter which we will provide to you.
  2. Eligibility – The Discounted Price is only available to person(s) who are not existing customers and who enter into a new agreement with Origin for the supply of LPG (either by cylinder exchange or tanker-fill supply) at a single residential address for household supply. The Discounted Price is not available to Origin Quick Swap LPG or metered LPG customers.
  3. What competitor comparable prices will we accept – The competitor's LPG product price offer, as advertised in a daily newspaper, catalogue, commercial radio or television advert, must be less than Origin's quoted price for the identical LPG product, not including any additional fees or charges associated with supply, sign up incentives, loyalty benefits or dual product discounts. The competitor's offer must be a genuine offer available to the general public and applicable to your supply address.
  4. Notifying us of a competitor comparable price – To make a claim, call an Origin representative on 13 35 74. The Origin representative may request from you evidence of the competitor's offer to verify that it is a comparable offer. You can provide evidence of the advertised offer either by mail, fax or email to Origin. Origin requires a minimum of one week to process and verify received claims. We will contact you once the claim has been processed.
  5. Duration of Discounted Price offer – Origin may withdraw this offer at any time, but will honour any existing Discounted Price put to you before the withdrawal.

Early termination for new customers

  1. This offer for the supply of LPG ("Offer") is made by Origin Energy Retail Limited ABN 22 078 868 425 ("Origin").  
  2. Acceptance of this Offer can only be made by you establishing a new LPG account with Origin. 
  3. The date that you establish a new LPG account with Origin will be deemed as the date of acceptance of the Offer ("Acceptance Date"). 
  4. If you accept this Offer starting on the Acceptance Date ("Offer Term"), your agreement with Origin ("Agreement") will consist of the terms and conditions of this Offer and the terms and conditions set out in the Customer Service Charter ("Charter"). In the case of any inconsistency, this Offer will prevail. 
  5. This Offer will only apply for the Offer Term. After that, Origin will continue to supply LPG on the terms and conditions set out in the Charter. 
  6. If you cancel the Agreement or enter into an agreement with another supplier for supply of LPG within the Offer Term but continue to take supply of LPG from Origin, the Offer will cease, your supply of Origin LPG will continue subject to the Charter.