Fixed price plan for LPG


Call 13 35 74 to get this offer

This offer is made by Origin Energy Retail Limited (ABN 22 078 868 425), PO Box 1199, Adelaide SA 5001, 13 35 74

  1. Eligibility – Fixed Price Plan for LPG (Plan) is only available to the person(s) named in Origin's "letter of offer" and at the stated address. The Plan is not transferable or available on request.
  2. Delivery of LPG – The Plan only applies to tanker-filled LPG.
  3. Duration – The Plan duration is 12 months. You can cancel the Plan at any time and revert to your previous payment arrangement (immediately before you commenced the Plan) at current LPG prices at the time you cancel the Plan.
  4. Pricing – Origin will calculate a monthly price, fixed for 12 months tailored to your LPG usage, based on your past LPG usage. If you take up this Plan, you must pay this amount monthly regardless of how much LPG you use.
  5. At the end of the Plan – Origin will review your LPG usage and may offer you a subsequent Plan with new pricing based on your LPG usage for the previous 12 months. We will notify you of any new Plan and pricing. If you choose not to accept this offer or take up a different offer, we will continue to supply you with LPG on the terms of your previous payment arrangement at current LPG prices at the time the Plan ends.
  6. Price offers – Any other price offers will no longer apply when on Plan.
  7. Direct debit – You must pay via direct debit for monthly payments under the Plan.
  8. Other fees and charges – Origin's priority delivery fee and out-of-gas fee are not applicable when on Plan.
  9. Origin's LPG Fair Use Policy – The Plan is subject to Origin's LPG Fair Use Policy. Origin may end the Plan if you use LPG in a manner that breaches our Fair Use Policy.
  10. Participating agents and dealers – The Plan is not available through Origin agents and dealers and must be in an Origin LPG supply area.
  11. If you agree to take up this Plan, your agreement with Origin ("Agreement") will consist of these terms and conditions, the Origin LPG Fair Use Policy and the Origin LPG Customer Service Charter ("Charter"). To the extent of any inconsistencies, these terms and conditions relating to price and invoicing will prevail over the Charter. If you cancel the Plan but continue to take supply of LPG from Origin, this Plan and monthly pricing will cease and your supply of Origin LPG will continue subject to the Charter.

Origin LPG Fair Use Policy


The purpose of our Fair Use Policy is to ensure that our customers use our supply of LPG in a manner that we consider reasonable and not excessive or fraudulent. It outlines the processes and measures that we may take to ensure the compliance of this policy.


Our LPG supply is only for your personal use and for the personal use of those who normally reside at your premise.

Excessive, fraudulent or unreasonable use

Unreasonable use is when we consider your LPG usage to involve non-ordinary use. Some examples of uses which we consider unreasonable include:

  • using the LPG we supply in a way which could not be reasonably regarded as ordinary personal use (e.g. a residential supply cannot be used for commercial purposes, or cannot be used for the benefit of persons who do not normally reside at the premises);
  • additional storage of any LPG we supply; or
  • using the LPG we supply for the purposes of arbitrage, or for the purposes of resale, resupply or commercial exploitation.

Excessive use is when your LPG usage for a quarter is 40% or more than it was for the same quarter in the previous year. We will monitor your use and if we consider it excessive will notify you to give you the opportunity to reduce it. You can contact Origin on 133 LPG (133 574) to ask about your current versus previous usage.

Fraudulent, illegal or unlawful use will occur when you provide us with false information about you or your LPG usage characteristics (e.g. where you told us you don't have a pool, but in fact you do), or if the way in which you use LPG differs in a material way from information you disclosed to us.

Monitoring usage and compliance

We will monitor your LPG usage from time to time and may investigate your LPG usage if it increases in an excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent manner.

If we consider that your LPG use may be unreasonable, excessive or fraudulent we will attempt to contact you and, if appropriate, ask you to modify your usage. You must actively engage with us by responding promptly to calls or letters from us, being truthful in your responses, and telling us pro-actively if circumstances change.

If we are not satisfied that you have reduced your usage by the end of the following quarter, we may end your Plan and you may elect to:

  • take up a new Plan with adjusted pricing to reflect your usage, if we offer this to you; or
  • revert to your previous pricing arrangement (applicable before you took up the Plan) with current LPG pricing at the time we end your Plan.

Breach of Fair Use Policy

If you breach the Fair Use Policy we will cancel your existing Fixed Price Plan arrangement and/or cease providing delivery of LPG.