Switch to Origin LPG for your business and get 25% less than your current price for tanker-fill gas for 12 months.*

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Why choose Origin?


As one of Australia's leading LPG suppliers, we offer competitive prices and deliver straight to your door.


We're large, yet local. We have account managers in all Australian states and territories who can visit your site to recommend the best LPG solutions for your business.


We're the only LPG supplier that can also look after your electricity, gas and solar. That means you can rely on us for a comprehensive energy review.


You can offset the carbon emissions from your LPG use with our Green LPG option. It's an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment.

*25% off LPG for your business terms and conditions

This offer is made by Origin Energy Retail ABN 22 078 868 425, PO Box 1199, Adelaide SA 5001, 13 35 74.

  1. Eligibility – This offer is available if you are not an existing Origin LPG customer and enter into an agreement with Origin for the supply of LPG by tanker-fill supply at a business address(es) for a minimum period of 24 months. This offer is not available to national account customers, autogas customers or metered LPG customers. 
  2. Discounted Price – For orders of LPG, we will charge you a price which is 25% less than your current LPG price from another supplier ("Discounted Price"). You must supply us with a copy of an invoice from your existing supplier as evidence of your current price. The Discounted Price will be applied for the price per litre of LPG. The Discounted Price includes the cost of delivery, but does not include fees for the cost and installation of equipment, rental of Origin equipment such as cylinders cages or the annual facility fee on storage facilities payable in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the sale and supply of LPG and the Schedule to LPG Agreement (together, the "LPG Sale & Supply Terms and Conditions"). 
  3. Duration of Discounted Price – The Discounted Price will apply on this basis for the first 12 months of the 24-month supply period. After the Discounted Price period ends, your LPG prices will increase to your agreed price and will be subject to our usual terms and conditions for price variation set out in the LPG Sale & Supply Terms and Conditions.
  4. Duration of Offer and Changes – Origin may terminate, vary or withdraw this offer at any time without notice, but will honour any existing Discounted Price put to you before the withdrawal.
  5. No waiver – The failure to enforce a provision of the terms and conditions of this Offer ("Offer Terms and Conditions") will not constitute a waiver of that provision.
  6. This Offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other Origin LPG offer.
  7. Participating agents and dealers – This offer is not available through Origin agents and dealers and must be in an Origin direct delivery area.
  8. Acceptance Date – The date that you establish a new LPG account with Origin will be deemed as the date of acceptance of the Offer ("Acceptance Date").
  9. If you accept this Offer and maintain an account with Origin for exclusive supply of Origin LPG by tanker-fill supply for a 24-month period starting on the Acceptance Date ("Offer Term"), your agreement with Origin will consist of the Offer Terms and Conditions and the LPG Sale & Supply Terms and Conditions ("Agreement"). If you cancel the Agreement or enter into an agreement with another supplier for supply of LPG within the Offer Term, the Offer and your supply of Origin LPG will cease, but you will still be liable to pay any unpaid facility fee and any other sums due and payable to Origin in accordance with the LPG Sale & Supply Terms and Conditions.