Moving with LPG

Moving with LPG

Moving into or out of a property that uses LPG?

If you’re moving out and your new home doesn’t require Origin LPG, or you will continue to use LPG in your new home and want to bring us with you, simply call us on 13 35 74 and we’ll take care of everything.


Managing your electricity or natural gas account

Moving home, or need to connect or disconnect your electricity or natural gas service? Too easy. Use our moving form or do it online in My Account.


Moving in?

If you’re moving into a house that uses LPG, open your account online and you’ll be ready to order gas when you need it.


Removing cylinders

Just let us know that you’re moving and we’ll remove the existing cylinders from your property at no extra charge.


No disconnection fees

We don’t charge fees when you close your bottled LPG account. All you’ll need to do is pay the balance of your account.