Getting the most out of your Predictable Plan.

Predictability – pay the same amount for 12 months. Our Fair Use Policy applies
Tailored pricing – a unique price for your household
Easy budgeting – choose fortnightly or monthly payments
No exit fees or lock-in contracts – change your plan at any time 
Green energy options
Hassle-free – ebilling and ecorrespondance plus direct debit so you don’t miss a payment
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Your energy estimate is determined from your historical energy usage and information you give us about how you use energy in your home. 

Your price is calculated using:

  • an estimate of how much energy we forecast you'll use for the next 12 months
  • and information about the cost of energy for the next 12 months.

No. You can’t have an overdue debt on your account when changing to Predictable Plan. You must clear any overdue debt first, before making the switch. If you’re experiencing hardship and would like to smooth your debt, you’ll need to remain on a usage-based plan and sign up to EasiPay.   

No. Move out fees will not be charged to customers if they are on Predictable Plan at the time of move out.

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Payments and instalments

When you sign up, you’ll receive a pack outlining all the details of your Predictable Plan. It’ll also include an instalment schedule that lists your payment dates and instalment amounts for your 12-month plan.

If you’ve chosen monthly payments, your instalment schedule will have 12 payment dates listed; and if you’ve chosen fortnightly payments, there’ll be 26. Each month or fortnight on your payment date, we’ll direct debit the payment amount from your nominated credit card or bank account – simple!

Instalments are made in arrears meaning your first instalment will be due a fortnight or a month after the contract start date.

If your instalment falls on a weekend or public holiday, the amount will be deducted on the next business day.

We'll get in touch with you via SMS or email if you've missed a payment.  

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Billing and statements

You’ll receive a statement from us as per your normal billing cycle (i.e. every 3 months, or every 2 months for Victorian natural gas customers). This includes a summary of your charges due and payments you’ve made during the period. If there are any unpaid instalments or charges outstanding from previous energy plans, these will be payable on the due date presented on the statement.

When you change your existing energy plan to Predictable Plan, you’ll need to pay the amount due from your previous usage-based agreement or energy plan (like Origin Saver) from your last bill to the day before you started on your new Predictable Plan.

This means your first bill/statement will include an amount due from your previous agreement or energy plan, as well as instalment amounts for Predictable Plan.

It’s like a mobile phone bill when you change phone plans – your first bill includes usage charges from your previous plan and well as instalments for your new plan.

Example changeover timeline (PDF 6.6 MB)

Fees don’t apply when you’re on Predictable Plan, so please ignore the message on your bill about possible late payment fees.

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You’ll continue to receive usage information on your quarterly/bi-monthly statement that we email to you or by jumping online to My Account.

We won't charge you more if your actual usage (or estimated read) is greater than the amount of energy we predicted you'd use at the time of contracting you on your fixed price, unless your use is excessive or unreasonable in which we may end your Predictable Plan, under our Fair Use Policy. For more, see our Predictable Plan terms and conditions.   

But we will take into consideration your updated usage if we offer you a new Predictable Plan fixed price.  

The usage estimate at the time we contract you is our ‘best guess’ based on the available information. Your actual usage may vary due to changes in appliances, number of people in the household, home extensions, and other changes in usage behavior such as weather and holidays.

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Fair Use Policy

This policy is in place to make sure customers taking up Predictable Plan don’t use the energy we supply to them in a way we consider excessive or unreasonable.

Under this Policy, we may end your Predictable Plan if your usage is excessive or unreasonable. We'll let you know 14 days before we end your Predictable Plan and we'll give you notice of any changes to your charges that will apply. You can also contact us at any time to take up another energy plan.

The usage estimate at the time we contract you is our ‘best guess’ based on the available information. Your actual usage may vary due to changes in appliances, number of people in the household, home extensions, and other changes in usage behavior such as weather and holidays.

We consider your use to be excessive where there is a substantial increase in your energy usage compared to your usage for the same time last year or compared to the estimated usage on which we based this Energy Plan (as set out in the Details section of your Agreement). For example, your use would be excessive if there is an increase of more than 100% in your energy usage for the same time last year, as stated in your energy bill usage summary.

We consider it unreasonable where you use the energy we supply fraudulently, or intentionally use it contrary to energy laws.

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Green energy

Yes. GreenPower and Green Gas are available with Predictable Plan.

Once you have your Predictable Plan though, you can only add, change or remove Green by setting up a new Predictable Plan with a new 12-month term.

We'll offer you a fixed price for your Green product for 12 months and include this in your total annual Predictable Plan amount. We’ve got 25 per cent, 50 per cent and 100 per cent GreenPower options available, and 100 per cent Green Gas.  So for example, if your core energy charges are $100 and your green charges are $20, the instalment amount you’ll pay is $120. 

The amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions we offset will be based on the amount of energy you actually used. You can see how much Greenhouse Gas emissions you’ve offset on your quarterly / bi-monthly statement. 

If you would like to cancel your Green product, you will need to re-contract on to a new Predictable Plan energy plan where your fixed price and installments will be re-calculated without Green.

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Yes, provided you remain eligible. We’ll continue to calculate your concession and apply it to your account when we issue your bill/statement. We’ll then deduct this amount from your next instalment payable after your bill/statement is issued. This means that the next instalment amount may be different to other instalment amounts. For example, if your monthly amount is $100 and we calculate your concession to be $20, when your next instalment is due, we’ll debit $80 from your nominated bank account. The following subsequent instalment will be $100 (the concession not being applied until the next bill/statement is issued).

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Changing plans

You can change off your Predictable Plan at any time. You can choose to change to a new Predictable Plan or another usage-based energy plan. When you switch over your last Predictable Plan instalment will be pro-rated. For example if you end your plan 15 days into the month, and your monthly instalment is $100, the final amount owing will be approximately $50. This will be shown as due on the ‘Due date’ on your next bill.

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Changes to eligibility

Predictable plan may no longer be right for you if you:

  • are moving home
  • are thinking about going solar
  • are changing your meter and tariff type
  • have missed a payment and interested in a payment plan.

Call us on 13 24 61 to discuss.

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