How to read my predictable plan bill

Your statement when you’re on Predictable Plan for a full statement period.

predictable bill explainer 1

1. Issue date
The date this bill was issued, usually a few days after the end of the bill period.

2. Bill period
The period this bill relates to.

3. Account balance
This is where any amount that’s due is shown. As you’re up to date with Predictable Plan instalments, there is no amount due, the account balance is $0 and no action is required.

4. Your energy plan
Shows that you’re on Predictable Plan and the date it ends. It shows the frequency of Predictable Plan instalments and the next instalment date and amount.

5. Important contact details
Our phone number and website details. This also shows emergency numbers to call in case of energy faults or emergencies.

predictable bill explainer 2

5. Important contact details
You can call, email or write to us using these details.

6. Account summary
The activity on your account for this billing period, including payments received (a) and instalments applied during the period (b).

You’ll notice the little orange icons on the right of the table – this shows where more detail can be found on the bill for each section.

7. Payments received
Lists the dates and method of payment and the amount paid for the billing period.

8. Total electricity charges
Your supply address can be found here. You can also see your National Meter Identifier (NMI) for your electricity meter and Meter Identification Registration Number (MIRN) or Delivery Point Identifier (DPI) for your natural gas meter (which measures the usage at your property), as well as your last and next meter read date and if your last meter read was ‘estimated’ or ‘actual’.

(c) Your rate refers to the tariff (pricing structure) for your supply address – for example, General Domestic or Time of Use.

(d) Your Charges for Predictable Plan are listed here as $0 as there are no additional charges beyond your instalments. Any Government concessions that are applied are also listed here. You can see the dates this relates to and the number of days.

predictable bill explainer 3

9. Total instalments for this bill
This lists the instalments for the billing period. There is also information about how instalments were calculated and why it’s important to monitor your energy usage even when you’re on Predictable Plan.

10. Usage graphs
This graph (e) shows your average daily usage and how much energy you’ve used in previous periods. You’ll be able to see if you’ve been using more or less. The line shows your average greenhouse gas emissions over time.

Wondering how energy efficient you are in comparison to others? This provides you with average daily electricity consumption information for other households in your area (f). If you need some inspiration on how to use less energy, you can visit our Energy Efficiency page for helpful tips.