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Your energy estimate is determined from your historical energy usage and information you give us about how you use energy in your home. 

Your price is calculated using:

  • an estimate of how much energy we forecast you'll use in the next 12 months
  • information about the cost of energy for the next 12 months.

The underlying prices for usage-based plans will generally change at least once over the life of the energy plan (usually around the start of the year for Vic. and the middle of the year for other states). These price changes will generally go up due to changes in network (poles and wires) costs, regulatory and environmental scheme costs, wholesale energy and generation costs and other retail costs.

No. Predictable Plan is a fixed-price energy plan tailored for your household. You'll pay the same amount for your electricity or natural gas each month for one year. However, our Fair Use Policy applies to Predictable Plan. Under the policy, we may end your Predictable Plan if your usage is excessive or unreasonable.

If you change or renew your Predictable Plan, a new price will be offered based on the updated billed usage (among other factors). 

We’ll use the information you give us about how you use energy in your home, and factor in the time of year, to determine an annual usage estimate. 

To set up an energy estimate for your Predictable Plan, we use your historical energy usage as well as the information you give us about how you use energy in your home. Since your bills include all that information, it’s an easy way for us to check it.

To accept your Predictable Plan quote, just call 13 24 61.

Once we have copies of your bills, we’ll send your quote within 72 hours.

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We won't charge you more if your actual usage (or estimated read) is greater than the amount of energy we predicted you'd use at the time of contracting you on your fixed price, unless your use is excessive or unreasonable, in which case we may end your Predictable Plan, under our Fair Use Policy. For more, see our Predictable Plan terms and conditions

But we will take into consideration your updated usage if we offer you a new Predictable Plan fixed price.  

If you use less energy than we predicted, you’ll continue to pay the same instalment. But if you take up a new Predictable Plan, your new fixed price will be based on your lower usage. You can choose to switch to another plan that may suit your needs better at any time, such as a plan where the charges are based on your actual usage. 

While the instalment amounts remain the same for the duration of the energy plan period, we encourage you to consider how much you use. This is particularly important if you want to take up another Predictable Plan after your first 12-month plan, as we'll use your updated usage profile to offer you a new Predictable Plan. 

For example, if your original Predictable Plan fixed price was based on an estimate of 5,000 kWh per annum; and at the time of renewal, your last 12 months of billed usage data indicates 6,000 kWh, we'll use the 6,000 kWh of usage to calculate the updated price.  

No. If you go on holidays, we won't suspend your plan. You'll need to continue making payments as per your instalment schedule.

You may choose to switch to an energy plan where the charges are determined by how much energy you use (or don't use, while on your energy plan).  

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Our Fair Use Policy

This policy is in place to make sure customers taking up Predictable Plan don’t use the energy we supply to them in a way we consider excessive or unreasonable. Read more about our Fair Use Policy.

Under this Policy, we may end your Predictable Plan if your usage is excessive or unreasonable. We'll let you know 14 days before we end your Predictable Plan and we'll give you notice of any changes to your charges that will apply. You can also contact us at any time to take up another energy plan.

Under 'Your Usage Breakdown' on the last page on your Predictable Plan bill, you can view your average daily usage and how it compares to the same time last year. It also includes a percentage difference. You can also refer to the estimate usage on which we based this Energy Plan on and as set out in the Details section of your Agreement.

There are also things you can do around the home, to cut back on how much energy you’re using – here are some energy efficiency tips.

We consider your use to be excessive where there is a substantial increase in your energy usage compared to your usage for the same time last year or compared to the estimated usage on which we based this Energy Plan (as set out in the Details section of your Agreement). For example, your use would be excessive if there is an increase of more than 100% in your energy usage for the same time last year, as stated in your energy bill usage summary.

We consider it unreasonable where you use the energy we supply fraudulently, or intentionally use it contrary to energy laws.

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How does Predictable Plan compare?

It’s difficult to do a ‘like-for-like’ comparison between our Predictable Plan and a traditional energy plan where the charges are based on usage.

Your Predictable Plan price is guaranteed for 12 months, where as traditional usage-based plans provide no guarantees or certainty of how much the rates or energy bills will be. 

There are no retail fees on Predictable Plan, and distributor charges aren’t applied unless you request an additional service. Our Fair Use Policy applies. 

Both EasiPay and Predictable Plan allow you to pay for your energy in fortnightly or monthly instalments (weekly also available for EasiPay). This provides predictability and certainty. But keep in mind that there are some important differences.

Predictable Plan instalments are fixed for 12 months. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

EasiPay is a payment-smoothing solution. Your instalments are re-assessed every bill and are subject to change, based on your actual usage. This means that instalment amounts are adjusted to ensure you’re paying for everything you use.  

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That’s great. We can get your Predictable Plan quote started today – either online or over the phone. All we need is your name and connection address, your best contact phone number and a copy of a recent bill from your current retailer that’s in your name, is from the last 6 months and has 85+ days billed usage (or 55+ for natural gas in Vic.) in kWh/MJ on your current tariff type for your connection address.

While we have data for your usage at your original property, we don’t have information about how you’ll use energy at your new residence. 

A Predictable Plan quote is figured out using historical energy usage, including how you use energy in your home. We use that information to forecast ahead for the next 12 months.

So if you’re moving house and interested in Predictable Plan, you'll need to start with a usage-based contract. Once we have the minimum amount of billed usage data (85+ days usage or 55+ days for natural gas in Vic.), we can switch you to Predictable Plan. 

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Green energy

Yes. GreenPower and Green Gas are available with Predictable Plan.

Once you have your Predictable Plan though, you can only add, change or remove Green by setting up a new Predictable Plan with a new 12-month term.

We'll offer you a fixed price for your Green product for 12 months, and include this in your total annual Predictable Plan amount. We’ve got 25 per cent, 50 per cent and 100 per cent GreenPower options available, and 100 per cent Green Gas.  So for example, if your core energy charges are $100 and your green charges are $20, the instalment amount you’ll pay is $120. 

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Changing plans

Your final instalment will be a pro-rata charge based on the date you move out, change your product or transfer out. The amount will be calculated on your next bill (for a Product Change) or final bill (for a move out or transfer out). It won’t be direct debited on the agreed instalment date, so you’ll need to pay it by the 'Due Date' of the next bill.

You won’t be charged for anymore instalments after the move out or transfer date.


Pay the same amount for your electricity or natural gas for 12 months. Our Fair Use Policy applies.

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