24/7 support for home emergencies

Life’s full of the unexpected. That’s why it’s good to know that your fixed or flexible Origin energy plan comes with access to 24/7 assistance for 10 common home emergencies. You also get up to $300 (inc GST) towards each callout (two callouts included).

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Origin Home Assist – fixed rates for your energy plan

On a fixed (or guaranteed) energy plan, the energy rates you sign up for today won’t change for 12 months.

Origin Home Assist Variable – a flexible rate energy plan

Your energy plan has flexible rates, which means what you pay for energy could go up or down during the 12 month period. We might change our prices from time to time – we’ll always let you know beforehand.

Your great energy plan includes AGA’s 24/7 Emergency Home Assistance service – that connects you to qualified tradespeople to attend to 10 common emergencies in your home.

Your 12-month AGA Emergency Home Assistance membership will start on the same day as your energy plan.


Damaged roof or guttering causing internal leaks


Blocked toilet, or drains or pipes


Burst tap or showerhead

water damage

Burst pipe


Broken or burst hot water system


Broken or damaged heating or cooling system


Broken external door or window


Blackout or power failure


Gas leak


Locked out of the house

children brushing teeth

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Home Assist electricity plan features

Home emergency support available 24/7

It’s great peace of mind – when something goes wrong, you can call the good people at AGA on 1800 758 350. They’ll connect you to qualified tradespeople to attend to your home emergency.

Great for homeowners and landlords

No matter whether you own or lease out, the AGA Emergency Home membership as part of Origin Home Assist can help you arrange tradespeople for 10 common home emergencies 24 hours a day. Some terms and exclusions do apply.

Getting electricity and natural gas together

Need natural gas for your home as well? Tick. You can sign up for natural gas at the same time if you like. Origin Home Assist is an electricity plan only. So, if you change or cancel Origin Home Assist, you’ll lose your AGA Emergency Home Assistance membership.

Moving house with Home Assist

Origin Home Assist is connected to the address you sign up with. So, if you move house during the 12-month benefit period of the plan, your plan and its benefits will end. Don’t stress though. Simply select Origin Home Assist as your new plan when you move house (so long as it’s still available). Your new AGA Emergency Home Assistance membership will commence on your new Origin Home Assist start date.

Emergency Home Assistance membership cost with Origin Home Assist Variable

The Origin Home Assist Variable plan gives you membership to the Emergency Home Assistance program, provided by Allianz Global Assistance for 12 months. Please refer to your contract pack to see your specific daily charge for the membership on this plan.

Ending your membership

Cancelling your energy plan or switching to another Origin plan during your 12-month benefit period will end your AGA Emergency Home Assistance membership.

With this great plan, we don’t want anyone to miss out on Emergency Home Assistance benefits. But you can always make the switch to another Origin energy plan if you feel this one’s not quite right – and we won’t charge you any exit fees.

Important information about Origin Home Assist and Origin Home Assist Variable energy plans

Basic Plan Information Documents (information sheets containing key details about the plan) are available at our Pricing page.

This energy plan is for residential customers only. Not available for all new connections or customers in an embedded network. Origin also offers a Standing Offer which is a regulated product. To find out more, please see our Basic Plan Information Documents or call us on 13 24 61. See full terms and conditions for Origin Home Assist and Origin Home Assist Variable.

With Origin Home Assist and Origin Home Assist Variable, your Allianz Global Assistance Emergency Home Assistance membership will begin on the energy plan start date. If you change your energy plan, move out, or move to another retailer within the energy plan period, your Emergency Home Assistance membership will end. No refunds will be given if you end your Energy Plan.
By signing up to this plan, you accept the Allianz Global Assistance Terms and Conditions which will be sent separately by Allianz Global Assistance via post or you can find them at originenergy.com.au/EHA.  Some exclusions and limitations apply and these are set out in those terms. 

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