About our offers: Our energy plans are for residential customers only. Offers are not available for all areas or for new property connections. Discounts do not apply to other charges such as GreenPower, Green Gas or supply charges. Discounts are off our Origin Supply product charges which can be found hereThe Origin Saver pay on time discount is not available to Power On program customers (except Power On with direct debit). With Origin Maximiser, you must sign up for ecorrespondance and agree to pay your bills in full by direct debit. You’ll be automatically registered for My Account and continue to receive your bills and correspondence via email after the energy plan period unless you disable it.

Origin also offers a Standing Offer, and for natural gas, a Regulated offer which are both no lock in products with terms and conditions set under the National Energy Retail Rules. For current pricing, please refer to the energy price fact sheet. To find out more please call us on 13 24 61.