If you’re a developer looking for discounted electricity pricing and wholesale electricity procurement, Origin’s embedded electricity networks (also known as centralised electricity for apartments) is the solution. We are a market leader in embedded networks, delivering benefits for the builder, the Owners Corporation and the end customer. 

Origin-operated embedded electrical networks are privately owned and operated metering networks that allow high-rise residential buildings to pool their electricity purchasing power and avail discounted electricity prices.

Being with Origin for your centralised electricity solution allows you to maximise your savings for common areas and individual apartments by bulk purchasing the electricity. The developer purchases all the electricity via one meter and then supplies it further to all apartments via privately owned meters, which means each apartment is billed for only the electricity they use.

Our embedded electrical network offerings help us deliver a superior customer experience to meet all electricity requirements of your residential complex as well as contribute to green star ratings. 

Benefits of choosing Origin for your embedded electricity network

Huge cost savings for the developer
as Origin supplies, installs and manages the electricity meters
Discounted rates
for common property electricity usage
Hourly energy monitoring
through Origin's MyAccount
No minimum length contract
along with favourable pricing terms for end users

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Does your building have centralised or bulk hot water?

We provide many apartment blocks and buildings across the country with centralised hot water - where all the apartments in the block get their hot water from the same source.

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Frequently asked questions

Within an Origin-operated embedded network, all electricity for a residential complex is purchased via one meter that is connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM). This meter is called the parent meter or the master meter. This electricity is then supplied to all individual apartments via their privately owned and operated meters.

Origin initially establishes an embedded electricity agreement with the developer. After the formation of the Owners Corporation, the agreement is presented to the corporation for ratification.

Origin’s embedded electricity agreement is not a lock-in contract, which means that the Owners Corporation can terminate the agreement anytime with only six months’ notice. 

Yes, Origin is a one-stop shop for all your centralised energy needs for your residential project or building complex. Other services include bulk hot water and serviced hot water - see Centralised hot water for more details. We’re a trusted partner that gives you the comfort of being with one service provider for all your centralised energy needs. Call us today on 1800 684 993 to discuss your requirements.