How to read your meter

You can read your meter at home, just like the meter reader does. It’s quick, easy and helps you better understand how you’re using your energy. Have a look below to see for yourself.

How to read your basic electricity meter

Reading basic meters

Most meters will show clock faces, but some will be a digital reading like this one. If your meter only shows numbers like the one below, you’ll only need to take note of the black and white numbers to indicate your usage. The red numbers are used for our testing purposes.

How do I read the numbers on my meter?

If your meter at home looks more like a row of different clock faces, then you can read your usage by:

  • Using the four clocks on the left-most side.
  • Recording the numbers the ‘clock hand’ is pointing to, in the order they appear (left to right).
  • If the hand is between two numbers, like 3 and 4, then use the lower number.

What does a gas meter reading look like?

The above natural gas meter is therefore recording 1,394 m3.

What does an electricity meter reading look like?

The above electricity meter is therefore recording 4,508 kilowatt-hours.

How do I calculate my own usage from my meter?

You can calculate it in the same way we do:

  1. Read your meter at the start of a billing period and record the numbers you see.
  2. Read your meter again at the end of your billing period.
  3. Subtract the first number you recorded from the second number you recorded and that will tell you how much gas or electricity you’ve used between readings.

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