Yep! With Solar Saver you can go solar, now, without buying the system.

We'll install your system AND we'll maintain it.
You'll get 21% off your electricity usage until 30 June 2019 and after that, we'll make sure your usage and charges discount remain at least 5% lower than our best online offer.

How solar saver works

solar epa solar system

Once your roof is solar ready* we’ll install a 5.4kW solar system on your roof that we’ll own, maintain and upkeep, and you get the renewable solar energy you use.

solar epa discount

You’ll get a minimum 21% discount off our electricity usage charges until 30 June 2019.

solar epa ensure tick

After 30 June 2019, we’ll ensure your usage and charges discount remain at least 5% lower than our next best online offer^

solar epa purchase buyout

You can offer to buy-out the solar system from us, anytime you like. 

Want to know more?

Speak to a solar expert between 8 am and 6 pm AEST Monday to Friday.

1300 112 805

Questions, answered.

Solar Saver is one our most innovative energy plans yet and we figured you might have questions. Here are some answers.

Only the customers named in the letter/email sent by Origin, who are existing Origin South Australian electricity customers living within 50km of Adelaide GPO, and don't have a solar system, are eligible. You also need to be a home owner, so if you own an apartment or flat, or you're renting, you’re not eligible.

You’ll also need a large roof that’s able to hold a 5.4kW solar system (approx. 20 solar panels).

Our solar experts will let you know if you’re eligible – just give us a call on 1300 112 805 to double check.

Solar Saver is made up of:

  1. An Electricity Retail Agreement, comprising of your electricity Agreement Terms, Details section and Solar Saver energy plan terms and conditions – for your purchase of electricity from the grid.
  2. A Solar Saver Power Purchase Agreement, comprising Agreement Terms and Details section – for the installation of our solar system and your purchase of solar electricity.

You’ll need both of these agreements in place in order to take up and stay on Solar Saver.

You sign an agreement with no fixed end term. This means you’ll continue on the arrangement for as long as you stay with us and as long as we own the solar system.

We want to make sure you're on a great deal with Solar Saver. We’ll guarantee you get at least 21% discount off our electricity usage charges until 30 June 2019. After this time, we'll monitor your rates and we'll increase or decrease the level of your guaranteed discount so that when applied to your usage charges, your usage charges (inclusive of your guaranteed discount) remain at least 5% lower than the usage charges (including any applicable discount) for our next best published online offer for your distribution zone.  If we do review and adjust your discount, we'll notify you in writing to advise you of the new discount level.  

This guarantees you’ll be on a great discount, long term – and we’ll maintain our solar system while you’re on the plan.

You’ll pay the same electricity usage rate, including the discount, for energy you use from our solar system, as you do for electricity you use from the grid.  

Sure. You can offer to buy-out our solar system at any point while on the plan. The Solar Saver agreement includes a list of Indicative Buy-out Prices for our solar system over time.

If you offer to purchase the system and we accept, it will be yours and your Solar Saver agreement and any electricity discount or charges associated with this plan will end. You may also like to arrange a new electricity plan with us.

The agreement starts once our solar system is installed, solar meter is connected to the grid and you start using the power generated from our system. This can take between 3 and 12 weeks from sign up. As this is a new plan, if we do not receive sufficient take up of the Solar Saver Plan, we may decide not to proceed with offering this plan. We’ll let you know if this happens before you incur any costs needed to get solar ready. We’ll continue to supply you with electricity and offer you a competitive alternative plan.

Sometimes there are additional costs in getting your home solar system ready. If any additional costs apply to you, we’ll make sure you know what this is when we complete a site inspection – which is part of the process of getting you solar ready. If you don’t want to go ahead, you can terminate the Solar Saver arrangement without incurring an exit or cancellation fee.

If you decide to move house, you can offer to buy the system (and sell it as part of your house or take it with you), invite the new buyer to enter into a similar Solar Saver arrangement with us (as long as the new owner and we agree). Alternatively, we can remove the system for a one-off removal fee. 

Because we own and maintain the solar system, we sell the solar electricity you use. With Solar Saver, the usage rate we apply is the same as your grid usage rate - with the Solar Saver discount applied. This provides you with renewable energy, at a low rate.

As we own the system, we also own the renewable energy we generate. Therefore you don’t get any FITs. 

The bill will be similar to your current bill with the exception of an adjustment on the bill for the solar electricity. This adjustment will be explained in detail when we send you your bill.

Your actual savings will depend on a range of factors including your daily consumption levels and patterns. Any potential financial benefit to you will also depend your applicable grid electricity rates during this agreement. These rates are likely to change over time.

* You may need to pay for some non-system costs to get system ready, but we’ll make sure you know these before we install.

^ After 30 June 2019, we'll increase or decrease the level of your guaranteed discount so that when applied to your Usage Charges, your Usage Charges inclusive of your guaranteed discount will remain at least 5% lower than the usage charges (including any applicable discount) for our best published online offer for your distribution zone.  If we do review and adjust your discount, we'll notify you in writing to advise you of the new discount level.