Good energy is more affordable

Good news South Australia!

The South Australian Government has selected Origin to deliver the SA Concessions Energy Discount Offer. Concession households will receive a 20% discount on electricity usage and supply charges. Plus we are throwing in an 11% discount on natural gas too. 

To take up the offer:

phoneCall us on 1300 791 465

View Basic Plan Information


Email billing available


No payment processing or late fees


Flexible payment options


Discount on usage and supply

Questions about your eligibility?

For any questions about your concession eligibility, call Concessions SA on 1300 791 465.

Information about eligibility for concessions for SA may change periodically. Please see here for the latest information.

Looking for gas?  

If you'd like to understand more about discounts on gas, please call us on 1300 791 465.

Basic Plan Information Documents: Basic Plan Information Documents are available at our Pricing page. Basic Plan Information Documents are information sheets that contain all the key details of a plan.

Energy Plan Period
This Energy Plan starts from the Supply Start Date and will continue until we or you end it.
Under this Energy Plan you receive the following discount(s):

Ongoing discount on the usage and supply Charges from the Supply Start Date

The applicable discount(s) are set out in the Details section.
The discount(s) do not apply to other Charges such as GreenPower or Green Gas Charges. If we make any changes to the usage and supply
Charges (in accordance with our Agreement Terms) your discount(s) will continue – but will just apply to the new Charges. The electricity and natural gas discounts do not have end dates. Origin may vary the electricity discount on 90 days’ notice and natural gas discount on 20 business days’ notice.
’ notice and you accepting the change by not terminating the Agreement during that
period. For more details about when we can change the Agreement, please refer to your Agreement Terms.
During this Energy Plan, we won’t charge you a card payment fee, late payment fee, payment processing fee or paper bill fee. These fees are
described further in the Agreement Terms.
When could this Energy Plan end early?
If our Agreement to supply you with energy ends, this Energy Plan will also end - including if you move to another address.
We may also end this Energy Plan:
- If you cease to be eligible for an SA energy concession; or
- if we withdraw this Energy Plan from sale - refer to the Agreement Terms for details.
What happens when this Energy Plan ends?
If we are still your retailer after this Energy Plan ends, we’ll still supply you with energy under our Agreement but you’ll no longer receive the discounted offer.

The electricity discount does not have an end date. However, Origin may vary the electricity discount with 90 days’ notice.

Eligible SA Concession Energy customer only. For eligibility please contact Department of Human Services.

Excludes GreenPower, GreenGas, distributor and other fees.

Residential customers only.

Discounts off Origin Usage and Supply charges.  

Not available in all areas or for properties being connected for the first time.

For concession eligibility please contact department Human Services.

See our full Terms and conditions.