Help make bill shock a thing of the past

My Choice gives you a monthly electricity plan with rollover credit and bonus energy. Each month, you can pay the same amount and you can roll over any unspent amount as credit for the next month. Your electricity bill is under control. How it works.

My Choice. It's your choice.

Rollover credit
If you use less than your monthly plan amount, it will be rolled over as credit to offset next month's bill
Avoid bill shock
Pay the same each month. When you use extra energy, the bonus is your buffer
SMS updates
We'll send a mid month SMS alert if you're in danger of exceeding your plan + bonus
No exit fees - ever
Change plans anytime

Switching is easy

1800 659 511

Hurry! Offer expires 5 pm 27 April 2018!

We're here Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

How My Choice works

$60 /month
$80 /month
$100 /month
$120 /month
$140 /month
$160 /month
$180 /month
$200 /month

Choose a plan

We've recommended a monthly plan based on your 12 month usage - and with the monthly bonus energy, you've got extra to play with. If you use less than your monthly plan amount, the unspent will be rolled over as credit onto next month! If you think you'll be spending more or less than the last 12 months, choose a different plan.

Call to switch – it’s easy

Just call 1800 659 511 Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm by 5pm 27 April 2018.

Change your plan if it doesn’t suit

If your usage amount changes or you just want a change, call us. We can change you over to a plan that's more suitable for you.

How the bonus value works

Say you’re on the $100 per month plan with $20 bonus value. Each month you can use up to $120 worth of energy for $100. That's $20 extra worth of energy you get to use that month - at no additional cost!

If you do not use all or part of your bonus in a month, it will be forfeited and cannot be used the following month.

Locating the bonus on your bill

Look under Your Energy Plan on page 1 of your bill to see the bonus value amount you’ve signed up to. Any bonus value amount used in a billing period is listed under Discounts & Rebates on page 2 of your bill.

How rollover credit works

A credit rollover will be applied to your account if you spend under your monthly plan amount. For example, if you are on the $100 per month plan and only use $90 worth of energy, then the unspent $10 will be rolled over as credit onto your next monthly bill. If you spend more than your monthly plan in the new month, we'll firstly apply the bonus value to your overspending, and then your credit.

If you're accumulating credits on your account from your previous month's underspending, if you prefer, you can call us and ask for a refund on any credit on your account.  

If you use more than your monthly plan and bonus energy

If you exceed your monthly plan and bonus energy amount, the excess will be charged at our standard market rates. But don't worry, we don't want this to happen either, so we'll be in touch by SMS to let you know if you're in danger of exceeding your plan and bonus. You can then call us (Monday to Friday) to change your monthly plan. The best bit is that your new plan can be backdated to the beginning of your monthly billing period so you won't pay for any excess used.

You’ll get SMS notifications

You’ll receive a mid month SMS if it looks like you will exceed your monthly plan amount. That way we can help you to review your plan options and choose a different one that might suit you better. These alerts will begin on your second month.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden fees: no exit fees, no paper bill fees, no credit card surcharge and no Australia Post counter fees.   

Concession holders

Your concession will be applied to your bill – find it on page 1 under Rebates & Discounts.

Billing options

Billing is monthly to reflect your monthly plan. Or you can log in to My Account and view your bill and pay it there.

Payment options  

Direct debit isn’t currently available with My Choice. However, existing direct debit customers can choose to stay on direct debit. But there are plenty of other payment options, including via BPAY and post office payments. See Pay my bill.


Other information

Electricity rates vary based on where you live and the energy plan you choose. To check our rates for My Choice, download our energy price fact sheets below based on your distributor. You can also find your distributor if you’re unsure.

About our offer: For Victorian residential electricity customers on monthly bill only who agree to receive bills and correspondence via email. Other eligibility criteria apply. Offer ends 5 pm Friday 27 April 2018. For more information, see the My Choice terms and conditions.

Disclaimer - Not available in all areas or for properties being connected for the first time.