Monthly Billing
Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly billing is about making our systems more flexible and giving you more choice. This means you’ll get smaller electricity bills more often – a great way to avoid surprises on your quarterly bills. Seeing your energy use monthly gives you a better idea on how you can save both energy and money.

Natural gas accounts are not on monthly billing – the change only affects some electricity accounts.

You can easily do this online. Head to manage billing and follow the prompts.

Of course. Just grab the notification we sent you – it includes information about the accounts you can swap back over and when you need to do this by. When you’re ready, head to manage billing and follow the prompts.

If your account’s affected by the change and you pay in full by direct debit, your deduction will automatically come out monthly on your bill due date.

If you’re getting your bills by post, you may be subject to a paper bill fee of $1.75 per bill from 27 April 2016 (excludes NSW). For monthly billing accounts, if you stay with paper bills we’ll waive the fee for 3 months.

To avoid the fee altogether, why not switch to eBilling and get your bills by email? Just head to make the switch to eBilling or give us a call.

If you’ve currently got a concession rebate applied to your account, this will continue as usual.

Only Origin customers who have received a notification from us saying they’re being switched to monthly billing can make these changes for now. If you haven’t heard from us, it means you’re still being billed quarterly and won’t be able to change your bill date yet.