ECHO (Everyone Can Help Out) is our VIP support channel for employees, family and friends.

If you or anybody you know has an enquiry about our products or services, log it in ECHO via the app and one of our energy advisors will help out within a few days.


Get the app now

Follow these steps to download ECHO for iPhone:

  • Tap Download for iPhone below
  • Tap Yes to open iTunes Store - ECHO will begin downloading
  • When the app download is complete launch Settings from your Home Screen
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Profiles (may also be referred to as ‘Device Management’)
  • Tap the name of the distributor under the Enterprise App section
  • Tap Trust
  • Tap Confirm
  • ECHO is ready to use

Follow these steps to download ECHO for Android:

  • Tap Download for Android below - you should see a progress bar at the top of your screen
  • When the app download is complete open Downloads from the Home Screen
  • Tap on the ECHO APK file
  • Tap Yes when prompted and ECHO will begin installing
  • ECHO is ready to use

As this app is for internal use only, we are not able to add it to the Google Play Store or the App Store. The use of APK and IPA files is the recommended distribution channel for all enterprise applications.

If you have any queries relating to ECHO, contact the Customer Centricity Team at