The cost of printing and postage has increased so from 27 April 2016, if you’re getting your bills by post, you may be charged $1.75 for each paper bill.

The fee will be shown on the back of your bill under ‘Other Charges & Adjustments’, and shown as:

Paper bill fee (incl. GST of $0.16)     $1.75

This charge doesn't apply to customers on a concession with us, one of our hardship plans, life support, a standing/regulated offer, builder or business customers with multiple sites, or those who joined us and haven’t changed their agreement since May 2009.

If you’re on a standing / regulated contract you’ll see this under ‘Your Agreement’ on the front of your bill

If you choose to get your bills by email, you won’t be charged the fee.

We understand that some customers don't have access to the internet - so give us a call on 13 24 61 between 7 am - 9 pm, Monday to Friday and 9 am - 5 pm, Saturday and we can chat about your options.

Business customers who have two or more sites with us don't have to pay the fee. But if you have two or more accounts with us for your business, just give us a call on 1300 661 544 between 8 am - 6 pm, Monday to Friday and we'll look into your account.