Hot water for apartments

We provide apartment blocks and buildings across the country with centralised hot water – where all the apartments in the block get their hot water from the same source.

Each apartment has its own meter though, so you’re only ever charged for what you use. Read more about some of the factors that can affect your hot water use in our hot water meter brochure (PDF 1.6 MB).

In some buildings we also supply unmetered gas to cooking appliances, BBQs and central heating – and these are always shown as a separate charge on your bill.


Moving in?

If you’re moving into a new apartment where we already supply centralised hot water, you can open an account with us and have your hot water connected below. 

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Moving out?

If you're looking to close your centralised hot water account, it's easy – you'll just need to fill out and submit the form below.

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Understand your agreement

Read our terms and conditions for the supply of Centralised Hot Water services.

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Home hot water systems

We have a great range of electric, heat pump, gas and continuous boost hot water systems available. Our experts will help you pick the right system for you and arrange installation.

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Centralised electricity for apartments

If you've got centralised electricity in your apartment block and need to get connected give us a call on 1800 684 993 Monday–Friday, 8 am–6 pm.

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Talk to us

Got a question about centralised hot water or received a letter from us about unauthorised usage in your apartment? Just give our team a call.

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Monday–Friday, 8 am–6 pm.