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Get started with your electricity or natural gas. You can request to have a new meter installed, or change or remove an existing meter with our new online portal Origin Connect.

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Existing customers should log in to their Connect Assist account. We're moving all our customers to our new service, Origin Connect, and we'll keep you up to date by email until Origin Connect is ready for you to use.

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Submit applications, track progress and transfer accounts using our free online portal. If you're an existing Connect Assist user, log in to Connect Assist instead. We’ll let you know when we’re ready for you to start using Origin Connect.

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Frequently asked questions - Origin Connect and Origin Connect Assist 

If you’re registered to use Origin Connect Assist, please head to origin.connectassist.com.au to log in and access your work-in-progress requests and historical information.

To make sure everything works as it should, we’ll move existing building customers to Origin Connect over a two-month period, starting at the end of April.  All our customers will be using Origin Connect before the end of June 2019.  We will contact you to explain the process when it’s your turn to move.

If we havn't been in touch, you should continue to use Connect Assist's portal origin.connectassist.com.au to manage your jobs.

If you’re currently using Connect Assist, you’ll need to keep using it until we’re ready to move your account across to Origin Connect (by 30 June 2019). We’ll let you know ahead of your move date when and how to access Origin Connect.

If you don't have a Connect Assist account for your business, you can register for Origin Connect online and follow the simple steps to log in.

We intend to transfer all open connection records from Connect Assist to Origin Connect.  This includes a record of:

  • company details and relationships
  • all queries that are assigned to Origin and waiting on a response
  • queries that are assigned to the customer and waiting on a response, if the query isn’t older than 12 months old.

Information that isn’t transferred from Connect Assist to Origin Connect will be securely stored and you can request it if you need to.

If you’re an electrician, plumber or site manager who’s associated with a builder’s account in Connect Assist, you’ll keep using that portal until that builder is moved to Origin Connect.

Then, after the move, your details will be in Origin Connect for that builder. That’s when you’ll start using Origin Connect.

It is possible for you to be associated with a builder who is using Connect Assist, as well as another builder who is using Origin Connect. In this case, you’ll have two log in accounts – one for each system. Just follow the information in the system alerts to go to the right place for the builder’s new connection request.

If you don't want to use Origin Connect, you can still submit your new connection or meter alteration requests offline. 

Find everything you need for getting new meters installed below, including information about the right forms for each state, the latest fees, and step-by-step guides on how to manage your electricty and natural gas requests.

Information for builders

Information for electricians

Information for plumbers

Got some big projects coming up down the track? You can still register for Origin Connect when you're ready. It's quicker, and can assist you with tracking your requests or transferring accounts to property owners,