Inbound Sales Support

Need help on a call? Talk to Inbound Sales Support

The Inbound Sales Support chat function is replacing our existing Teams chats for all your support questions. We’re available from 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday AEDT.

Message us

Use the Inbound Sales Support chat to:

  • Get advice on where to locate information in our process documents
  • Clarify the process for how to resolve a tricky issue
  • Get assistance with raising a coaching request
  • Ask for approval to raise a case to Case Management

Prefer to call?

If it’s quicker to call for Support and explain your issue, use our new Quick Connect in O-Dash.

people_altIB Sales Support Hotline


Message us with the Origin app!

It’s the best way to get help from our energy experts — it works like this:

1. Log in to the Origin app, turn notifications on

Switch notifications on in your phone settings, then you’ll instantly know when we’ve replied.

2. Send us a message

Send us a question and one of our energy experts will find your answer and get back to you.

3. Grab a cuppa, help is on the way

No need to wait, we’ll send an alert you when you’ve got a reply!

4. We’ve got it saved

We’ll keep all your message history in the one spot, so you can have a look whenever you’d like.