Solar savings – guaranteed

We’ll guarantee an amount your business can save over the first 2 years of going solar with Origin.

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Solar savings locked in!

Have you been thinking about getting solar for your business? We have a fantastic offer that might mean that now is the perfect time. 

Buy a solar system from Origin and based on the system you choose, we’ll calculate your savings, and then guarantee them.

How the solar savings guarantee works

Once you’ve chosen your solar system, our team will visit your premises. This is our standard practice to check the structural integrity further to our install. This also allows us to confirm your eligibility for a savings guarantee – the amount we calculate you’ll save over the next 2 years with solar. 

(When we say “save”, we mean what you pay for electricity with solar, compared to what you’d pay without solar on our current no-discount Origin Basic plan.)

If you don’t reach your savings target after 2 years, we’ll give you the difference as a credit on your bill.

After your system is up and running, we’ll send you monthly updates by email to see how you’re tracking. 

How we know your business has met your solar savings target

At the end of 2 years, we compare what you paid for electricity with solar, against what you’d pay without solar on our current no-discount Origin Basic plan. We add up:

  • The amount you save by using your own solar energy, which we work out assuming you would have paid for that amount of energy at our current Basic usage rates (which aren’t discounted) 
  • The amount we pay you for exporting solar energy to the grid, via feed in tariffs

These two combined are your total savings.

You get a monthly solar system report

This will include your savings for the month and your total savings to date (compared to our current Origin Basic rates), how well your system is performing, and heaps of other useful data.

Find out how much you’ll save

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Trust in our expertise

date_range 24 month interest-free payment options

For a system worth $20,000 or less, you can choose our interest free payment plan with 5% deposit over 24 months (when you pay by credit card).

sentiment_very_satisfied Industry-leading service

We’ve put more solar on Australian rooftops than any other electricty and gas retailer. We’ll be there to look after you every step of the way.

money_offAffordable systems

Our solar experts will work with you to tailor a system that suits your business’ budget and ongoing needs. 

lock Guaranteed savings

We predict how much we think you’ll save over two years. If you don’t get there, we’ll give you the difference as a credit on your bill.

More on the Solar Savings Guarantee for our business customers

Why is a savings guarantee important when buying a solar system for my business?

A savings guarantee takes out the guess work, so you can feel more confident about the return on investment of a solar system. 

How is Origin able to offer a savings guarantee?

Because we already supply your electricity, we’re able to put all the pieces together.

We can see how much energy you’re using from the grid right now, compared to how much solar you’ll be generating and exporting after your new system is installed. 

At Origin, we’ve put more solar on Australian rooftops than any other energy company – business and residential. With our knowledge and expertise, you can count on us help you reach your savings target.

What happens at a site inspection?

Prior to your system installation, our experts visit your site to confirm the structural integrity of the roof and that the proposed solar solution will fit. We also check that the right system has been chosen to account for any potential shading or obstructions (and these considerations might also affect the solar savings guarantee). The site inspection will be arranged for a date and time that suits you.

What happens if I’m saving less than I expect?

We’ll send you monthly updates to let you know how you’re tracking towards your savings target. If it seems like you’re not saving as much as you expected, don’t despair!

Naturally, as the sun is the star of the show here, you’ll produce less solar and therefore less savings when the sun isn’t shining as much. Similarly, in the summer when the sun’s out more, you’ll be generating more solar power.

That’s why it’s important to wait for the end of the agreement, when we even out your savings over the last 24 months to see if you’ve hit your target. That way, the sunny months can make up for the gloomy ones, and you’ll have a more accurate view on what you’ve actually saved in total.

What happens if I save less than the guaranteed amount?

At the end of the 24 months, we’ll credit your electricity bill (within 30 days) with any difference between your savings target and your actual savings.

Are there ways I can save even more than my guaranteed amount?

Absolutely. We love it when our customers save, and if you make the most of your solar, you could even save even more than we predicted. Here’s a few top tips to maximise your solar:

  • Add timers to any of your business appliances – like washing machines or dishwashers and air conditioners – so they run their cycles during daylight hours when your solar is producing energy
  • Use our energy-saving tips to cut down on your night-time energy usage
  • Consider a solar battery, which can store energy for you to use later, even when the sun’s not shining.

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