Consultation & quotation


Solar system installation

System performance and customer support

Solar system performance & customer support


Consultation & quotation: approx 3 weeks

a. We'll ask you:

How is your business run (e.g. daytime only, 24 hours, etc) and what electricity do you use? What's your roof size (estimatated)? Do you own or rent?

b. We'll inform you:

Our solar experts will tell you about our different commercial solar products and their benfits, and explain how much you could save over time.

c. You'll get:

We'll give you a quote! And if you approve, we'll send a contract - just review it, sign it and send it back.


Solar system installation: approx 6—12 weeks (subject to location and business size)

a. We'll do the inspection

Our solar experts will come to you to check site access, your roof and your electricity set up. 

b. We'll submit any requirements

If you're on Solar Flex, we'll take care of any applications required by your local council.

c. We'll install the solar system

We'll begin installing the new solar system hardware on your site.

d. We'll activate the solar system

You're rolling! Your business has gone solar.

System performance and customer support

Solar system performance & customer support: Ongoing

You'll have a dedicated support team from the moment of activation.

If you're on Solar Flex, we'll be monitoring your solar energy system via a live data feed. This will flag issues as soon as they arise.

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