Generate power with LPG

We’ll work with your business by developing customized generation solutions.

LPG generation supports co-generation; power and heat, tri-generation; that’s power, heat and cold, and quad-generation; power, heat, cold and carbon dioxide or CO2.

Chat to us about LPG generation if your site has:


No access to the grid

If your site is in a remote area; with little access to natural gas or on-grid power, LPG is a cost-effective and reliable source of energy. 


Diesel generators that need replacement

You may be looking to replace old diesel generators or want to replace diesel with a cleaner-burning fuel.


Requirements for back-up power supply

To reduce the risk of any interruptions, it helps to ensure you have the electricity you need to keep operations running smoothly.

LPG as a substitute for diesel

Diesel is increasingly being superseded by cleaner, cheaper alternative fuels. 

As one of Australia’s largest LPG suppliers, we’re well placed to lead the transition from diesel generation to cleaner burning LPG.

Compared with diesel, LPG has:

  • approximately 40% less CO2 than diesel per litre
  • no particulates or less particle pollution
  • limitless shelf-life and no loss of energy over time; providing long lasting back-up fuel
  • no spillage or waste, and no ground contamination from loss of containment

We also offer 100% carbon offset with Green LPG options. We can also work with you to secure environmental credits if they apply.

What you get with Origin LPG generation

Our teams are on-hand to ensure reliable supply of LPG to your business.

Reliable supply

With 44 terminals including 6 seaboard terminals, we’re Australia’s only ASX-listed national LPG supplier. Our fleet of over 250 trucks including bulk tankers, exchange trucks and service and installation vehicles means we can get LPG to you when you need.

And in the event of an emergency, you can contact our 24-hr National Response Centre.

Optimised installation process

We’ll work to minimise disruption and changeover during the installation process, staying focused on our own strict safety standards and national guidelines. Our logistic planning is tailored to regional dynamics and we’re committed to hiring and investing locally.

We'll work with your business to install LPG with minimum disruption.

Our focus on data and safety is paramount when installing LPG tanks.

Focus on data and safety

Our regular energy and safety audits and appliance maintenance services gives your business on-going support long after the installation. We’ll tailor reports based on your requirements.

Origin’s own LPG backup power generation 

Due to the high risk of power outages caused by extreme weather, we rely on LPG fuelled backup power generation for our Cairns terminal.

The newer, cleaner and more efficient LPG powered unit was our preferred option to replace the end-of-life diesel power unit.

The generation unit consists of a 180kVA Stanford alternator driven by a Cummins LPG Engine. A 30kw load bank is also fitted to the system to lengthen engine life when running at low load conditions. Maximum fuel consumption is up to 38kg of LPG per hour when operating at full load and is directly supplied from the terminals LPG storage tanks.

The LPG unit replaced the old 55kVA diesel generator which could only supply a portion of the terminal’s electrical needs with limited fuel storage capacity sufficient for only an hour.

The new LPG powered system is fitted with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which allows the system to automatically switch over in the event of a power failure and then switch back when grid power has been re-established. It has been sized to allow the terminal to operate normally during a power failure.

As the LPG comes from the terminal’s main storage tanks, we have virtually unlimited fuel source, allowing the terminal to continue to function normally for weeks if required during major power blackouts.

James McCracken, Snr Asset Integrity Engineer – Instrument & Electrical, Origin Energy


I’m interested in generating electricity with LPG, what are the next steps?

Get a quote online and in the ‘Add note’ section, detail your interest in LPG generation. We’ll be in contact to discuss your needs further.

Why should I look at on-site power generation for my business?

Typically, businesses set up generation on their sites if:

  • They have sites that are off-grid
  • Require power over and above grid capacity
  • Require stand-by power
  • Have existing diesel power generation and are looking for a cleaner alternative
How does Origin determine the most suitable system for my business?

Origin will assess your requirements and develop a solution utilising a network of trade partners that can design, install & maintain the most suitable engine for your business.

Is LPG cleaner and cheaper than diesel?

Using LPG in generation is a lower carbon alternative to diesel. We can provide a full assessment of cost and emission factors based on your operation following a detailed site analysis.

When is the best time to transition from diesel to LPG?

We think the time is now to transition to cleaner fuels. We work with businesses to modify existing diesel engines to use LPG as a diesel substitute or we can replace existing end-of-life generators.

What size electricity load can Origin provide with an LPG power generation solution?

Businesses of all sizes are welcome to discuss on-site power generation with Origin’s energy solutions experts.

Can I add power generation to my existing LPG fuel supply?

Absolutely. Existing on-site LPG supply provides a great head start when assessing the benefits of LPG power generation.