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Small to medium-scale business


Cafes, restaurants, pubs and catering

Serious about food? Gas gives you total temperature control with instant heat and instant 'off', so you can serve up a meal cooked with precision.

LPG can also provide hot water for your kitchen and heating for both indoor and outdoor dining. And because it's stored in easily portable bottles, mobile catering and food vans are sorted.


Hotels, motels and caravan parks

Our BBQ gas cylinders can also be supplied in bulk – so if you're running a caravan park, hotel, motel, serviced apartment, resort or a bed and breakfast, your guests can swap their empty bottles on site using caged storage.

LPG can also be used for cooking, hot water, heating swimming pools and providing your guests with air conditioning throughout the holidays.


Schools, healthcare and community centres

If you're located off the natural gas network, LPG is a reliable alternative for cooking, heating and hot water.

It's also worth considering LPG air conditioning for large institutions like hospitals, nursing homes, university halls or sports centres. It offers efficient performance, low noise and produces a readily available source of hot water by using 'waste' heat.


Builders, gasfitters and developers

If you install gas appliances in a location not supplied by mains gas, we run referral programs that will see you and your customers rewarded for choosing Origin LPG.

For large-scale developments, we can install metered LPG networks where gas is piped to homes and businesses, providing a regular gas supply for your residents without the need for individual gas bottles.

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Large-scale industry

Agriculture, horticulture and farming

Primary producers often use LPG for:

  • Heating greenhouses, nurseries, poultry farms, piggeries and sheds
  • Processing meat
  • Steaming and hot water sanitation
  • Heating, drying and processing of produce like herbs, grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables
  • Flame weeding and pest control
  • Power generation, diesel substitution and forklifts.

Manufacturing and industry

Factories, warehouses and industrial centres use LPG for:

  • Space and hot water heating
  • Drying, steaming, cleaning and sanitation
  • Firing kilns, boilers, furnaces and industrial ovens
  • Welding, cutting, melting, fusing, shrink-wrapping and powder coating
  • De-frosting and refrigeration
  • Forklifts
  • Power generation.

Transport and logistics

LPG is often an alternative fuel source for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. Operators of large fleets of vehicles and service stations use on-site filling for easy autogas supply.

We also offer a tailored forklift gas service to suit the needs of your business.


With its mobile storage and on-site transport possibilities, LPG is a natural choice for mines. It can be used for:

  • Smelting and drying
  • Fuelling furnaces, crucibles and boilers
  • Supplying workplace amenities with cooking, hot water and heating
  • Diesel substitution
  • Power generation.

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