If you're looking to make your business more sustainable, switching to GreenPower is a great way to start.

You’ll be able to offset your business’ greenhouse gas emissions, and promote your commitment to reducing your impact on the environment as you go.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is government accredited renewable electricity, generated from a source like solar or wind, and built since 1997.

Only products that meet the rules and guidelines of the Government's GreenPower Program can carry the GreenPower ‘tick’ logo. So if you see that tick, it’s a guarantee that our GreenPower products are fully accredited by the Government.

GreenPower Accredited

How much does it cost?

GreenPower electricity charges depend on your energy plan or agreement. Here’s a look at what our GreenPower electricity options could cost you, based on an average business’ quarterly electricity bill.*

25% GreenPower 50% GreenPower 100% GreenPower
Charge (inc. GST) Charge (inc. GST) Charge (inc. GST)
0.7c extra per kWh 1.40c extra per kWh 2.80c extra per kWh
Estimated extra cost Estimated extra cost Estimated extra cost
$2.02 per week or $26.25 per quarterly bill $4.04 per week or $52.50 per quarterly bill $8.08 per week or $105.00 per quarterly bill

*Based on annual electricity usage of 15,000kWh and a 13-week quarterly bill.

Where does GreenPower come from?

Wind generation

Using the energy from the wind to turn the blades on the turbines that produce electricity.

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Mini hydro generation

Using power that is derived from the energy of moving water to produce electricity.

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Solar generation

Using solar cells (photovoltaic cells) to convert the sun's rays into electricity.

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Biomass and biogas

Using organic sources such as plant material or methane gas from rubbish tips to generate electricity.

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Want to know more about GreenPower?

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Solar solutions for your business

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