Builders – have questions?

Who do I contact if there’s an emergency?

You should always call 000 straight away if there’s an emergency – like if you smell a gas leak, or if there’s any risk to someone’s life or property (you can find more details about that here).

If your power or gas goes out, or there’s a fault, contacting your distributor is usually the best place to start. They’re the ones who manage your energy supply and meter, and can arrange to send someone out if there’s a problem or a supply issue. And if there’s an outage, they’ll usually be able to tell you when your power or gas should be back up and running too.

What do I do if I’m building multiple properties a year in my name?

If you build more than three properties a year – and you’re paying the connection fees and energy costs during construction – you can set up a multi site agreement. That way, any requests we receive from electricians and plumbers will be automatically billed to your account, without you having to authorise each one.

To fast track requests for your company, just complete, sign and send back the Multi site Energy Agreement (55KB) to us. We’ll sort out the rest.

How can I find out if there’s supply at the site?

If you’re not sure whether there’s an electricity supply at the site, you can check with the distributor. And if you have any questions about natural gas supply, we’ll be happy to help out – just give us a call on 1300 132 480 (we’re available weekdays 8 am–5 pm AEST).

How do I find out who the distributor is at the property?

Distributors are each responsible for set geographic areas – so yours will depend on where you live. You may even find that there’s more than one distributor in your postcode.

How much will installation cost?

There are a couple of things that will affect the cost of installation, including the state you live in and the distributor in your area. You can find a full list of the fees related to meter installations, alterations and abolishment here.

What is Origin Connect and how do I register?

With the Origin Connect portal, you can submit new connection requests for electricity and natural gas. You can also track the progress of each connection, ask questions, complete account closures and request final reads. It’s a complete connection management tool and we recommend that tradies request and manage their new connection requests this way.

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Register for Origin Connect

How do I arrange LPG at the site?

There are a range of LPG solutions that you can choose form. To set up an account, or to order an LPG cylinder using your existing account number, just head to Origin LPG

I didn’t apply for electricity in time. What should I do?

You’ll need to get your electrical paperwork submitted as soon as you can, and make sure there’s clear access to the electricity meter box. We can let your distributor know the connection’s urgent – but keep in mind, they’re booked weeks in advance, so there’s no real way to fast track the process.

I didn’t apply for a gas service line on time. What should I do?

You’ll need to fill in the Gas Application form as soon as you can, and make sure the site is at lock-up, completely clean and free of debris. Then, give us a call on 1300 132 480 to let us know when the handover is scheduled to happen – we can let the distributor know the connection’s urgent, but keep in mind they’re booked weeks in advance, so there’s no real way to fast track the process.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Timeframes are set by the distributor, and can depend on things like weather and the complexity of your job. But to avoid hold ups, it’s a good idea to submit your forms early in the construction process, and make sure they’re filled out correctly. You should also check that the site is clear and ready for the distributor, and that the account’s in the client’s name when you submit the initial Request for New Energy Account form.

What’s a truck appointment?

Sometimes, a network field crew need to go onsite along with the electrical contractor to perform works that couldn’t be done otherwise – they may need to disconnect an overhead supply, or connect a new underground connection. The appointment date and time will be pre-booked.

Standard works like solar metering or new connections don’t need a truck appointment – unless there’s something non-standard that needs to be done as well.

How do I know the status of my installation?

If you’re using Origin Connect, you can easily keep track of all the jobs you’ve lodged – as well as the ones submitted by your electrician or plumber. And if you’re not using the portal, we’ll email or text you with updates along the way (like when we’ve processed your application).

How do I read an electricity or natural gas bill?

You can find information about reading you Electricity or Gas bill here.

How do I read a non-energy bill?

A Non Energy Bill is an invoice from us that includes any one-off charges passed on by the distributor – this could be something like abolishing a meter or altering a supply. You’ll recognise these bills because they’re light blue and have a ‘Non energy’ label in the top right corner.

Reading the bill:

  1. Account number
    This is your unique number for each gas and electricity account you have with us – you’ll need it whenever you get in touch with us about your account.

  2. Non energy charges
    This is the amount you’ll need to pay.

  3. Description
    This gives you an overview of the charge, the address where the works will take place, and what it’s for.
What are the network charges?

You can view Network Charges by state here.

Why do I have an Estimated Bill?

This type of bill is based on an estimate of the energy you’ve used at your site – and it usually means there was an issue with accessing the meter (like a locked gate). When the distributor is next able to access the meter and get an accurate read, your bill will be adjusted if needed.

Are the timeframes the same for a block of units, high rise development or multi dwelling complex?

Generally no – these jobs usually take longer. This is because appointments are needed and there’s more than one property at the site.

What should I do if I’m not sure what my site address is?

For newer sites, it’s not uncommon for the address to be pending finalisation. But you can check for the most accurate address and you should use that to complete your paperwork.


How do I arrange centralised hot water (bulk water) for a high rise development?

You can find out more about centralised hot water supply for your development here.

How do I arrange centralised electricity (embedded electricity network) for a high rise development?

You can find out more about centralised electricity for your development here, or give us a call on 1800 684 993.

Construction is now completed – how do I finalise my account and stop getting billed?

If the account was set up in your name and you want to transfer it to your client’s, you’ll need to complete the Account Transfer Request form. It needs to be signed by the new property owner(s) as well, and include a contact number. If you don’t have a client yet (because you haven’t sold the property or it’s going to be leased) then you can complete a Final Read form. Just keep in mind, final read fees may apply and you’ll need to allow five working days for these requirements to be actioned.

NSW: For an electricity account that’s in your name, start by contacting your electrician to make sure the distributor has processed the site’s metering paperwork – otherwise we won’t have the metering details to action a final read for you. Once you know this paperwork’s been completed, it’s time to submit the Final Read form. Just keep in mind, final read fees may apply and you’ll need to allow 5 clear working days for these requirements to be actioned.

Often, natural gas accounts will already be in your client’s name. But if not, you’ll just need to complete the Account Transfer Request form – you can use a single form for both electricity and natural gas. If you don’t have a client yet, you can complete or add the natural gas account to the Final Read form. Just keep in mind, final read fees may apply and you’ll need to allow five clear working days for these requirements to be actioned.


I’ve completed the necessary forms for the account to be transferred out of my name, but I haven’t received a final bill yet. What’s the delay?

Sometimes, we need to wait for your distributor to send us the final meter information before we can complete a transfer or final read. Once we have this, we can check if the meter’s been read and finalise your account – we’ll try to get this as close as possible to the date you requested. If there’s no information for that date though, we’ll request a meter read and back date the amount you’re billed so it’s as close as it can be to the date you asked for.