High bill checklist

Does your energy bill look a bit high? There are many reasons why it might rise from one bill to the next. See if any of these apply to you.

What’s the weather been like?

Weather can really impact your energy use. Air conditioning pushes it up in summer, and the cold, dark days of winter mean more lights and heating. Compare your energy use with this time last year. Has your energy use has changed dramatically?

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Did you plug in more equipment?

Office equipment uses a surprising amount of energy. Turning your equipment off when you go home can reduce your energy use substantially. If you can, try to buy equipment with a high-energy efficiency star rating. 

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Other tips for checking your bill

Was it a longer billing period?

Sometimes the number of days in a billing period differs between bills. If you notice a small variation, there may have been more days in this billing period than the previous one – so just double check the dates between this billing period and a previous bill.

Is there money outstanding from a previous bill?

If a bill isn’t paid in full, the remaining amount is carried over to the next bill. So you might notice an extra charge based on money owing from a previous bill.

Did your energy prices go up?

Prices increase from time to time. And when this happens, we’ll always let you know via a message on the first bill after the change. Double-check your current bill to see if prices have recently increased.

We had to estimate your meter reading

If we can’t access your natural gas and electricity meter your property’s energy usage will need to be estimated. This estimate might be based on the same time the year before – or your previous billing period. When this happens, you’ll see an ‘E’ (for ‘estimated’ usage) on the back of your bill. We’ll then endeavour to get a proper reading of your meter and make some adjustments to your bill.

Did your energy plan benefits finish?

It might be that the plan and discounts that you signed up to have ended and that its time to choose another one. It’s a good idea to check that you’re on the right plan for your needs. You’ll be able to see which energy plan you’re on by logging onto My Account or on the front of your bill.

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Want some energy saving ideas?

For more tips to help reduce your energy usage, jump onto our save energy page.

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