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Ryan Willemsen-Bell, General Manager, Business, Solar and Energy solutions

3 things you can do to save on energy costs today, with $0 upfront costs

We asked you what you wanted from an energy partner. You clearly told us that you want help to be energy efficient, to save on energy costs and that you want a personalised solution that fits your business.

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April 2018

The electricity market this month

Mike Capel, Portfolio Trader, Trading and Operations

Spot prices across all regions remained relatively soft across April with high wind generation and low shoulder period demands. This was somewhat countered with baseload generation coming offline for annual planned maintenance.

There was volatility at the end of the month in South Australia (SA) following the unplanned outage of Pelican Point, very low wind production and the unplanned outage of the VIC-SA interconnector. The volatility during this coincidence of events increased the average settlement price of SA by approximately $14 per MWh for April.


News headlines

10/4 Fourth day of extreme heat conditions put pressure on the South Australian grid reflecting fluctuating electricity prices; the highest since 9th February. Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) issued notices to encourage the market to generate more electricity.1 Direction – South Australia Region 10/4/2018.2

10/4 Basslink released a statement advising Basslink cable will not be back in service until 31st May, a delay of almost 6 weeks. The undersea power cable between Victoria and Tasmania has been out of service since the end of March. Hydro Tasmania reports dam levels are secure and “We expect to manage comfortably without the ability to import.” Steve Davy, CEO, Hydro Tasmania.3

20/4 COAG Energy Council agreed to further detailed design work on the National Energy Guarantee ahead of a key meeting in August. An updated design paper was also released.4

30/4 AGL confirms receipt of a non-binding, highly conditional indicative offer from Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE) and Alinta Energy Pty Ltd to acquire Liddell Power Station and associated assets.5

Did you know?

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) issues notices on days of extreme conditions, typically over the summer months, to ensure energy supply. AEMO charges retailers, like Origin, for the costs incurred in the affected area. Retailers will pass on that cost to customers in that area. 

If you’re a South Australian business, you may see a "Directions" charge on an upcoming invoice. For Victorian customers, this can be called a Reliability Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) charge. On an Origin invoice, business customers located in the region where AEMO has issued the notice, will see this as Regulated charges.

More on AEMO Directions


Gas market update

Louise Colbran, Portfolio Trader, Trading and Operations

April was one of the warmest on record for the east coast, particularly NSW and VIC. Autumn’s warm days and nights6 has kept pool prices much lower than the first months of 2018.

APLNG had one train outage from 14th to 28th April. Much of the gas that would have been converted to LNG was picked up by the GLNG processing facility. Some of the gas would have also made it to the domestic market which in turn also contributed to lower market prices for April.

Iona Storage Facility is currently at 22.5PJ, up from 21.5PJ at the start of April.



News headlines

23/4 APLNG commits a further 21 petajoules (PJ) of gas to the Australian east coast gas market, taking its total contracted volume for 2018 to be more than 200 PJ.7

26/4 As part of its plans to replace Liddell coal-fired power station, AGL have announced the build of a 252 MW gas-fired plant near it’s Newcastle Gas Storage facility.8

27/4 The ACCC’s Gas Inquiry 2017–20 Interim Report – April 2018 was released. The report confirms conditions in the east coast gas market have improved however to improve gas price transparency, the ACCC will begin publishing the LNG netback prices on its website.9

Renewable energy update


Renewable news

12/4 The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) announces it’s $150m investment in infrastructure to target emissions reduction at Melbourne and Brisbane airports, Sydney’s Port Botany, the Port of Brisbane and Ausgrid.10 

15/4 Alinta Energy launched a 30MW lithium iron battery attached to its Newman power station in the Pilbara.11

What does all this mean for your business?

Our EnergyLink portal uses market information, along with your data, to show you ways to reduce your energy spend.

More on EnergyLink

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