Signing up to Origin means you’ve got access to a range of products.

And as a large business customer, you also have access to a range of tools to help plan ahead and make a real impact to your bottom line.

Advice when you need

Our expert teams

Our account managers, service support and our EnergyLink engineers, are all on-hand to work with you to get the most from the energy you pay for and at a cost that supports your long-term goals.

Digital tools

EnergyLink by Origin not only allows you to check your consumption online, but with EnergyLink Conversations, you get to ask us directly for ways we can help reduce your energy spend. 

Our monthly online market report keeps you up-to-date with the headlines that impact energy supply and price.

National Response Centre

The NRC is our service provider, responding to emergencies relating to the oil and gas industries, transport and construction sectors and water utilities. 

Considering solar for your business?

Our Solar Flex option gives you a solar system tailored to your roof and consumption, without the outlay of big dollars.

Is Solar Flex right for your business?