Purchasing energy for your business can seem overwhelming, however there are several things, you may not be aware of, that can help.

1. When is the best time to contract?

Customers ask us about timing; the idea that the best time to contract is when prices are low. There are other ways to secure a lower price.

If you plan ahead, you don’t need to wait until your contract ends.

At Origin, we recommend that you re-contract a few months before your contract ends. Giving yourself time before your contract ends allows you to assess pricing and terms, and it gives us time to better plan supply and pass those efficiencies to you.

2. Price certainty?

We understand price certainty is at the forefront of your energy contract decision. 

The market rate isn’t the only option.

In the current market, our Blend and Extend pricing or Smoothed pricing options gives our existing Origin customers a lower average rate with the extension of their existing contract. For new customers, our Smoothed prices lowers your first-year rate and “smoothes” your price over a fixed term.

3. What about market volatility?

This graph shows base load electricity futures to 2021. There are planned market events such as the Liddell closure, and unplanned events that will continue to impact price.

Good news, it isn’t “All or Nothing”.

If you're concerned about market volatility, with Origin, you can fix a portion of your energy price over the mid to long-term, much like a home mortgage. With this product we offer a fixed price for part of your electricity needs for a contract term that’s typically five or more years. This can reduce your business’ exposure to future market volatility. If your contract requirements are different however, chat to us and we’ll find a pricing structure that suits.

4. How can I access renewables like Solar and ensure my business keeps running?

There’s no doubt the renewable energy market is accelerating and at Origin, we have our own renewable energy target of adding 1500 MW of renewable by 2020. We know however that renewable energy is intermittent and that it’s imperative that you have energy when you need.

As an Origin customer, we’ve got your renewable energy covered.

Whether you’re considering generating your own electricity through Solar, or you’d like to access large scale renewable energy (sometimes referred to as a Corporate PPA), we can help firm up the intermittency of renewable energy.

Chat to us about Green energy, commercial batteries and Power Purchase Agreements. By working with you, we’ll help plan ahead and keep your business running.

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