Demand-led solutions

Ryan Willemsen-Bell, General Manager

Much of the talk of our transitioning energy market has focused on the supply of energy; do we have enough domestic gas?

How do we ensure reliability with the acceleration of renewables and the decommissioning of existing coal generation in the future? And who will win the race to the biggest and best energy storage?

We’re fortunate at Origin to be able to continue to invest significantly in growing energy supply.

I’m really proud that we’re the first energy company in the world to sign up to the We Mean Business coalition, a worldwide group of companies committed to climate change. We’ve set our own energy target and we’re on track to add up to 1500 MW of new renewables by 2020. We’ve committed to domestic gas supply and we’re investing in boosting our own generation assets. And at a more local level, we’re looking at commercial batteries, alongside the battery solutions already available for our residential customers. In fact, we’re about to trial a commercial battery in our Melbourne office, to ensure we have everything in line to offer our business customers the best product and support based on our own experience.

There is, however, an exciting opportunity for us as retailers to seek innovation that is led by market demand.

And moreover, find a solution that’s cost effective for our customers as well as business and industry.

One of our most exciting projects is working with Tempus Energy looking at demand-side management. With Tempus technology, we’re able to shift load into cheaper periods or when renewables are plentiful, generating potential energy savings for your business.

There’s a lot of work ahead and I’m determined that if we continue to trial new technologies on our own business and learn from experiences around the world, we’ll be well placed to face those challenges head-on and provide the best, well tested, solutions for our customers.


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