The National Electricity Market covers five state-based networks across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

It helps to keep up-to-date with network developments to better understand your electricity costs.

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Electricity network

The distribution network for electricity includes electricity powerlines and power poles that carry electricity to houses and businesses. There are different distributors for each state and territory and you can check the electricity and natural gas distributor for your area online.

Your business will be charged for the use and maintenance of the network. The network charge is stated on your electricity invoice. Energy retailers, like Origin, do not control network charges, but directly pass these on from your network provider. 

The electricity distributors are also detailed below.

State Electricity distributor
New South Wales


South Australia
Australian Capital Territory
  • ActewAGL
  • Essential Energy also serves some customers in the ACT and that some remote electricity distribution systems are provided by other companies.

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