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Default electricity rates

As an Origin business customer, you will have access to additional services such as an online reporting tool, regular Network Tariff reviews and advice on how to become more energy-efficient. If however you prefer not to enter into a fixed-term contract, the following default rates will apply for supply of electricity.

The following electricity rates are valid from 1st July 2017:

State Peak Rate (cents per kWh) Off-peak rate (cents per kWh)
Australian Capital Territory  27.5 cents (excluding GST) 17 cents (excluding GST)
New South Wales 27.5 cents (excluding GST) 17 cents (excluding GST)
Queensland 27.5 cents (excluding GST) 17 cents (excluding GST)
South Australia 30 cents (excluding GST) 17 cents (excluding GST)
27.5 cents (excluding GST) 17 cents (excluding GST)

Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales

  • Peak: 7am – 9am, 5pm -8pm Business Days. Shoulder (charged at peak rate): 9am-5pm, 8pm-10pm Business Days
  • Off Peak: All other times (Eastern Standard Time)

South Australia

  • Peak: 7am-9pm Business days.
  • Off-Peak: All other times (Eastern Standard Time)

Victoria and Queensland
  • Peak: 7am-11pm Monday to Friday.
  • Off-peak: All other times (Eastern Standard Time)

Where you have a basic meter, the Peak Rate will apply to all of your electricity consumption. 

Other charges

All distribution, network, regulatory and other charges will be charged in addition to the above rates.

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