We can work with you to check that each component of your energy bill is accurate and find any opportunities for you to save.

Components of your energy bill


Energy price

It makes sense that if we work with your business over a longer term, we're better able to plan ahead to secure supply and price. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and investment in our renewable portfolio might be opportunities for your business to save.

Our flexible pricing options such as Blend and Extend also looks to reduce the energy price for your business.

Pass-through costs

Network cost or tariffs can be a substantial part of your energy bill. This is a pass-through cost, often referred to as the "cost of poles and wires". We can assess the current tariff your business is paying and if inaccurate, we can apply to the Network on your behalf. We'll also look at any state or federal environmental costs and ensure you meet all liabilities.

Non-energy charges

Your energy bill can include non-energy charges such as metering. Our teams have the most recent information to state and federal requirements and can provide advice when you need.

Power Factor

Why is it important for your business?

More on Power Factor

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