Flexible purchasing

Purchasing, your way

FPP allows for various degrees of market risk depending on the version of the FPP that best suits your business. 

How does it work?

You provide us a forecasted annual volume – can be calendar or financial year - and then you choose to fix the price of energy over that period, either in quarters or yearly tranches.


You're in control

  • Depending on the version of the FPP chosen, you can fix the price of energy for the full total, or portion, of your forecasted load
  • You decide when to transact and the transaction is completed on that day



  • A single ESA, with the support of a dedicated Energy sales manager
  • If the FPP fails to deliver outcomes that meet expectations then a no-fault termination clause can be accessed after 12 months.



Partner with an expert

We’re a large and active energy buyer. Energy purchasing is a core competency and we will work with you to create value for your business.


Choose between our Commerical FPP and Industrial FPP:



Commercial FPP

Industrial FPP


“Average-in” pricing

Partial or full exposure to the pool price

Load forecasting

Annual (MWh), ability to re-forecast and adjust position

Quarterly (MWh), ability to re-forecast and adjust position

Forecast period

Quarterly, financial year or calendar year, expressed in MWh

Quarterly, expressed in MWh

Transactions and re-forecasting close

30 days before the end of the annual period

30 days before each quarter

Market product

Reference to ASX settled calendar or financial year

Reference to ASX settled quarters, calendar or financial year

Billing rates

Flat into annual, peak (shoulder) or off-peak

Quarterly flat into peak (shoulder) or off-peak combined with exposures to the half hourly pool price

Variance baseline

As forecasted

As hedged to forecast (discretionary)

Variance tolerance

± 10% on annual forecast load


Variance charges

Annual relative to spot average if tolerances are exceeded

Monthly, spot price settled on the half hour


Fixed certificate and variable Renewable energy Power Percentage (RPP)

Fixed certificate and variable RPP or self-surrender

Frequently asked questions

Origin is a leading supplier of FPP arrangements. We closed our first FPP in 2005, and have contracted more than 13 TWh under FPPs.

Yes. We have invested significantly in the development of the FPP, creating a fully featured FPP Schedule that appends to our standard ESA. Supported by our robust systems & processes, we provide expertise at all stages of our agreement. 

Our Wholesale & Trading team will provide timely feedback on the state of the market and where we have identified a market opportunity provide an offer for your consideration.

You can choose the optimal mix of spot and fixed price exposure on a quarterly basis. With the Commercial FPP you may update the consumption forecast annually, with a ±10% tolerance band.

We require six months’ notice to trigger a no-fault termination clause. We will even make an offer to you to convert the existing agreement to a standard ESA; taking into account any forward purchases. We don’t lock you in to a long-term deal.

We are happy to facilitate a conversation with one of our satisfied customers at an appropriate point in our negotiations.