Take the next step in your organisation’s sustainability journey and opt in to Origin Go Zero, a 100% carbon neutral energy plan for your business with Origin.

What is carbon neutrality? 

For a product to be considered carbon neutral, action must be taken to offset the emissions associated with the supply and usage of your business’s energy.   

How is carbon neutrality achieved? 

A common way is through carbon offsetting, which is when organisations invest in eligible carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions they produce. These offsets are created through investment initiatives that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions.  

How to achieve carbon neutrality (Infographics courtesy of Climate Active)

Why should I choose Origin Go Zero

  • Our carbon neutral products are certified by Climate Active, an initiative backed by the Australian Government.  
  • Offset the emissions associated with the energy products supplied to your business. 
  • It’s a simple step to take on your organisation’s sustainability journey.

How does it work? 

It’s simple – contact us to opt in to our carbon neutral products. We’ll then calculate the emissions associated with the electricity or gas used by your business from Origin and offset the emissions accordingly! You’ll see these offset calculations on your bills – it’s that easy.

Where do your offsets come from? 

Origin supports a range of credible offset projects both locally and internationally. To date, we have purchased offsets from a range of projects, including native forest protection and human-induced regeneration projects in Australia. Some example projects include: 

Example 1: Origin has purchased Australian offsets generated from the Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) from Paroo River South and the Nulla Carbon regeneration projects in Queensland.  

These Human Induced Re-vegetation projects promote regeneration activities to parts of properties where vegetation has previously been suppressed. Regeneration activities include:  

  • Management of the timing and extent of grazing;  
  • Management of feral animals;  
  • Cessation of mechanical or chemical destruction of regrowth; and  
  • Exclusion of livestock.  

Example 2: Origin has also purchased offsets from international projects accredited under the VERRA Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB Standard).  

The Kariba Redd+ project has reduced deforestation in the project area and has added the following community benefits:  

  • Farmers trained for conservation agriculture;  
  • Establishment of community gardens which have improved nutritional outcomes;  
  • Promotion of beekeeping as an alternative and environmentally friendly source of income;  
  • Decrease in poaching pressure on wildlife.  
Image shows a mother orangutan with a baby orangutan on her back, nuzzling into her ear.
Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve project (Photo courtesy of VERRA)

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project preserves more than 15,000 Ha of tropical forest. This project has added the following benefits:  

  • Stopped the conversion of the project area being converted to palm oil plantation, including associated activities such as logging and burning felled trees and forest.  
  • Created local employment to protect the area, including patrolling illegal logging and wildlife poaching in the area.  
  • Implementation of training programs such as agroforestry plantations, community firefighting, chicken farms, environmental education, forest patrols, solar power and electrification operation, and water purification construction to enable local community members to expand skills and increase their climate resilience.  
  • Provision of water filtration systems in the project area to local communities to increase access to clean water.  
  • Provision of small-scale solar lighting to the local community to increase access to basic services. 

Frequently asked questions

What’s Climate Active certification?

Climate Active is an Australian network of individuals, businesses and organisations that aims to empower Australians to take climate action now and for the future. The Climate Active network is comprised of certified members across a wide range of industries. This Australian government-backed program enables all levels of Australian society to work together to protect the environment.

How do you choose which projects to support?

We employ a rigorous selection process when it comes to the eligible carbon offsets we purchase. The eligible carbon offsets meet the integrity requirements under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard to ensure they represent a genuine offset.  

Can I opt into Origin Go Zero l if we’re already in a contract?

Yes! You can add Origin Go Zero 100% carbon neutral to your existing business electricity and gas plans. 

What’s the difference between GreenPower and carbon neutral?

Carbon neutrality is achieved when greenhouse gas emissions for a product, service, organisation, event or building, have been reduced to zero. This is achieved by reducing emissions as much as possible and by purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for any remaining emissions that can’t be avoided.  

The opt in Origin Go Zero – 100% carbon neutral plan is an “add on” to the same power that you buy today, except we offset the emissions associated with the generation, supply and use of energy delivered to your business. Making it carbon neutral! 

GreenPower is a government-run initiative that promotes and supports the growth of renewable energy in Australia. This includes a mix of renewable generation sources such as solar, wind, bioenergy, hydro and landfill gas.  

When you choose GreenPower with your plan Origin will offset or ‘match’  the equivalent amount of your business’ electricity consumption against electricity produced  from renewable energy sources. The cost of GreenPower varies depending on the amount you choose and how much electricity you use. 

If I choose 100% carbon neutral, why am I still expected to pay environmental charges? 

Environmental charges reflect the costs incurred to meet legislative obligations. They’re a mandatory charge set by the government and passed through to all energy customers as a direct charge. The 100% carbon neutral plan is a voluntary choice for your business to support green initiatives and help move towards a cleaner energy future. 

Learn more about the different environmental charges here

Aren’t I already reducing my carbon footprint by purchasing solar and/or energy efficient solutions? Why do I need a carbon neutral product as well?

By purchasing a solar, battery, power factor correction or other energy solution you’ve already taken a great step toward lowering emissions by reducing your reliance on grid electricity to power your business. With the opt in Origin Go Zero 100% carbon neutral product, you can further reduce your business’ carbon footprint by offsetting emissions associated with the remaining grid energy you use.  

This only covers carbon from my energy consumption – what else can we do? 

We have a range of different energy solutions available to help meet the needs of our customers. From carbon assessments to carbon reporting, the team have a range of products available to help your business meet its sustainability goals. Get in touch today!

Interested in learning more about your businesses’ carbon footprint?

Let us organise a carbon assessment – we’re here to help you on your sustainability journey.